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Cannabis Leaves Curling Down: What Does it Tell You? | Crop King Seeds

Cannabis Leaves Curling Down: What Does It Tell You?

Various factors can affect your cannabis leaves to curl down during your cultivation. Later in this article, you will understand why such an episode takes place along with the things you can do to rescue your plants from ruining their end product. 

So when you notice cannabis leaves curling down, you must be attentive to what it symbolizes and immediately do the necessary treatments to rescue their health. Cannabis plants cannot communicate a request for help – however, they can transmit indications to inform you that they are not doing well. If you notice curling leaves, it tells you that there is a problem with the plants. Do not take this for granted. 

Understanding the Condition of Clawing

It will be worthy of understanding the basics of cannabis leaves curling down. The word “clawing” is a kind of condition that shows the curling of the leaves of cannabis plants. This happening is also termed as “The Claw”. This condition occurs due to many reasons, and immediately when it occurs, the cannabis plant requires special supervision and should be treated; otherwise, its growth will be hampered, or it may die.

What Causes the Cannabis Leaves Curling Down?

Growing cannabis may appear to be plain and simple, but there are times that problems occur, and they can potentially impede its growth. Then you begin to question yourself – what could have triggered these problems, and you have to perform to inhibit them.

As the cannabis plant begins to grow and prosper, you will also notice the leaves to grow and the height to grow too. Probably one day, you become aware and notice that the leaves of the plant are curling down – then you get the hint that something is not right. You have to figure out what causes the curling of the leaves and how to cure them.

Curling down of cannabis leaves can be an indication or sign that the plant is going through an abnormal state and requires treatment. Noticing the leaves to curl down implies that something is critically wrong. 

There are many reasons for the curling down of cannabis leaves. However, the brighter side about them is that they can be treated. You must be aware of the causes of these incidents so you can avoid them. 


We commonly perceive that every time we water our cannabis plants, we are always making them healthy. There is no truth to this belief. If you are not cautious with your watering, the roots might get drowned. 

The act of overwatering will sink the roots of the plants. Too much water does not only wash off the majority of the useful microbes away from the medium; a drenched substrate may also be conquered by tough fungi and algae. Constant overwatering customarily attracts Pythium, also called root rot. 

Plants with bent, paw-like leaves may be attempting to convey to you that they are soaked. However, “water mold” is similar to vampires, which means that you need to encourage them in before they inflict the plant harm. Therefore, you must keep them away from your garden by ensuring they are not accepted.

Keeping an efficient cycle of the wet-dry period is all it needs. If it would be possible to pick up the pots, then do so. By doing it, you can assess through their weight if it is about time to water them.

However, if it will be hard for you to raise the pots, then think about using a moisture meter and ensure to cautiously check the behavior of the plant after watering. Consider lessening the quantity of water. Rather, perform longer layoffs between your watering. Sadly, Pythium is practically fatal and shall turn the roots of the plant into brown gunk. If you notice curly leaves on your cannabis plant, particularly with the young ones, check the roots to find the answers.


The strict access to nutrients is unwise. Too many dosages of nitrogen-filled vegetative phase base nutes may trigger the curling of the leaves. Occasionally, they may even canoe. Likely, over-performing it with potassium and phosphorous while in the stage of flowering can also trigger cannabis leaves curling down and burn the edges. The common indication in both cases is chlorosis. 

When feeding your plants, it will be better to begin low and perform a slow approach. You may cumulatively increase dosages without noticing the leaves to curl down. However, if you set sail appropriately at the highest strength, it will be more likely that you will see a lot of curling leaves, which will likely die and ultimately fall off. 

It will be needless to mention that it is important to ensure the proper pH of the nutrient solution. That is around 5.8pH for hydroponics or coco and 6.0 pH for soil.

Extreme Hotness of the Temperature

Heat stress may develop either outdoors or indoors. If you notice curly, awful-looking brown joining, the cannabis leaves are transmitting you an indication of distress. Cannabis plants can efficiently photosynthesize at average temperatures ranging up to 28 degrees Celsius. Any temperatures that go beyond 30 degrees Celsius are considered the danger zone. Blend it with reducing RH, and there is no question that you in great trouble!

Fresh leaves will prosper sensationally, and the old leaves turn curling in yellow and can even smolder to a decayed, brown plump.

Indoor cultivators should persistently keep the best conditions of the environment. This begins with the best light distance. You can secure the best spot of the plant by measuring and adjusting until the grown, and mature plants reach the highest point in height while in the mid-late bloom, based on the strain. Furthermore, indoor cultivators can use fans and air-con to maintain the coolness of the grow-op.

Outdoor cultivators encountered with scarcity conditions and heatwaves have minimal regulation than the indoor cultivators. Building a basic screen shade shall manage the plants to be a bit cooler and can inhibit the leaves from wearing away and curling more.

You cannot rescue burned leaves, and you will have to eliminate the older foliage free of saving. Additionally, cultivating in white containers rather than black ones can hold the zone of the root cooler. 

Extreme Coldness of the Temperature

On the other hand, cold temperatures may also trigger the curling down of cannabis leaves. Sooner or later, all types of discoloration of the leaf can occur. Certainly, cooler night-time temperatures later in bloom can put a hint of purple enchantment to buds. However, lengthened uncovering to temperatures under 10 degrees Celsius will slay your cannabis plants. 

If ever the plants make it to the harvest period, the flowers will be baggy and leafy. Paired with increased RH, the buds will be moistened and become susceptible to Botrytis, also known as bud rot.

When indoors, if temperatures are extremely low, you may always put additional grow lights and transform a negative to positive. Outdoor cultivators may on doing an early harvest or move the plants indoors during night-time. 

Cannabis is a strong species of plants. However, if beyond the best temperatures that range from 20 to 28 degrees Celsius will make the leaves to curl down.


If you intend to breed or reproduce, you must acquire a vigorous parent plant. With the genetics of the plants, you will know whether your plant will bear healthy offspring. If you acquired an unhealthful parent plant, it will be likely that it will slip some illnesses to the offspring, which could affect them to propagate unhealthy too. This can be one of the factors why you notice curling on the leaves of your cannabis plant. To restore them, you must feed the plant with enough fertilizer or nutrients to cure them of any type of illness.

Genetics is the reason for all types of mutations and deformities on cannabis leaves. Some cannabis trains sometimes have the likeliness of developing curling leaves or other peculiar characteristics. Many cultivators will taper off these plants. 

Many auto-flowering varieties and Sativa strains are susceptible to great dosages of fertilizers. This is a characteristic that can trigger issues for neophytes. The answer is to examine the reefer. As much as possible, always learn about the genetics of the cannabis strain before concluding to cultivate it. Cannabis leaves curling down can be entirely inhibited if you have the best knowledge on how to maintain the health of your plants.


Yes, cultivating cannabis plants can be simple and pleasurable. However, it may also demand a lot of supervision, particularly in keeping its health. The kind of yield relies on the health of the plant. If you notice cannabis leaves curling down, you should know by then that it can be a potential indication of distress.

The causes mentioned above will give an idea of what not to do to avoid the curling of the leaves. Although it is a good thing that it can be treated, do not neglect the manifestations and act on it immediately to cure restore them.


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  1. Ok… I’m super bummed out that my Orange Bubblegum baby is “Clawing”. I’ve taken every precaution to ensure that she thrives. At first I thought that her roots had locked so I transplanted her to bigger/ breathable fiber potting bag.
    It has been 3 days now and it’s not looking like she is healing. In fact it appears to have gotten worse. I know the flower stage is a delicate time of her life and feel so terrible, like I’ve failed her.
    Please help me save my baby. She’s my first indoor and it’s completely crushing.
    Please help me…

    1. Hi, I’m sorry to hear that. If your plant experienced heat stress, use a fan if it’s too hot or root insulation if it is too cold. Use something to raise them off the ground when necessary. I hope this tip will help you recover your plant soon. Please call Toll Free: 1-844-276-7546 for a quick response. Thank you!

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