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How to Make Cannabis Cream at Home

How to Make Cannabis Cream at Home

Growing Cannabis on your own is what’s in nowadays. This plant is also converted into different products and some of them may surprise you. But Cannabis cream is not unusual as you can easily think of it as a healing salve. Many depend on it for therapy and treatment.

So growing Cannabis plants are not the only thing that you can do. But you can also make a cream after you harvest the buds. It’s an amazing idea to do everything from cultivation to harvest, curing, and creation. The advantage of this is that you are sure of the quality and safety of the plant and the things that you use. It’s best to know first more about the cream made of Cannabis for you to be motivated to create it at home.

Cannabis Cream Being in the Spotlight 

Cannabis cream belongs to the line of salve that is applied topically or simply rubbed on your skin. Salves can be made from different ingredients and Cannabis is not an exemption. They are used to moisturize, nourish your skin, heal wounds, and as a protection. With Cannabis in your salve, you can use it for pain relief as well as soothing abrasion, insect bites, and minor burns.

Salves can be transformed into cream, lotion, lip balm, oil, and other types of topical. CBD is getting a lot of attention these days and it contributes to the expansion of the Cannabis industry. The reason is its numerous health benefits which come out from studies. It has therapeutic properties that can alleviate some health conditions.

But having only CBD in Cannabis cream can give you a different experience compared to consuming the whole bud. Another discovery was released by the experts that cannabinoids work together to create a synergy that amplifies the effects.

Can Cannabis Cream Make You High?

Even though you have THC in the Cannabis cream, it can’t get you high. You don’t want to hear it if you like the euphoria you get from marijuana. The intoxicating effects brought by THC are only gained when you inhale or swallow the smoke. You will only get to experience it when the cannabinoid enters your bloodstream.

The application of Cannabis cream doesn’t reach your bloodstream for obvious reasons. There are transdermal patches that you can use when you want the essence to reach your bloodstream. But topicals like cream can’t do it. 

Benefits from Cannabis Cream

Although Cannabis cream can’t get into the bloodstream, some benefits would make you use it. It’s a safe alternative rather than using products with harsh ingredients. These plant properties are so gentle that you can even use it for your pets.

It can give signals to your brain without any psychoactive or intoxicating effects. It can ease pain, inflammation, swelling, and soreness. CBD would tell your brain to block the pain from persisting. It’s the same thing with inflammation. Itchiness won’t linger so you won’t tend to scratch your skin.

1. Arthritis

This ailment is caused by joint inflammation which makes you suffer from soreness, swelling, stiffness, and pain. People who reach the age of 65 years old usually get it. They may find themselves unable to do some things that they love like some sports.

Arthritis limits one’s movement. Cannabis cream can soothe all the signs of struggle from this ailment.

2. Some Skin Conditions

Millions of individuals in the United States of America suffer from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. The roosts of these issues are not completely determined but skincare professionals believe that they are linked with the immune system.

So Cannabis abilities come in this part as it boosts the immune system. If this system is strengthened, no diseases can prevail from altering your normal state. You don’t need to smoke weed, you only need to apply Cannabis cream on affected areas.

3. Minor Injuries

They may be considered minor and simple but they sometimes make you go insane. Insect bites, burns, abrasions, and scrapes are not life-threatening but it brings distractions. The cannabis plant has wound-healing properties that can provide much-needed relief. You can gain it from applying Cannabis cream on the areas that give you discomfort.

Making Cannabis Cream at Home

To make Cannabis cream, you should make the salve first. You need:

Ground dried Cannabis, 7 to 10 grams

Coconut oil, one and a half cup

Olive oil, 1/3 cup

Beeswax, 1/3 cup

Baking sheet, 1 piece

A saucepan or double boiler

A cheesecloth

A jar

The essential oil of your choice, a few drops will do


  1. The oven should be preheated to 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Take time to spread the ground dried Cannabis on the baking sheet. Decarboxylation of weed needs 25 to 30 minutes.
  1. While your weed is inside the oven, put the olive oil and coconut oil in your saucepan. Stir continuously over low heat.
  1. Add the decarboxylated weed into the mixture. Remain on the same heat while you continue stirring for another 20 to 25 minutes.
  1. When 25 minutes are completed, pour the mixture into a jar with a cheesecloth.
  1. Melt the beeswax in the same saucepan then slowly add the infused coconut oil mixture. You can add the essential oil at this point.
  1. When all of the ingredients blend thoroughly, you can place it in the final container you’ve chosen as a keeper of your salve.

How to Make Cannabis Cream

You need to add the following things so you can come up with a Cannabis cream.

Aloe vera gel, 1 cup

Vitamin E oil, 1 teaspoon

Cocoa butter or shea butter, 2 tablespoons

More olive oil can increase the fluidity of the cream. You may also use Vitamin E oil or almond oil. This recipe results in a fairly thick texture so it’s not advisable to put it in a pump.

You can find the right container for your Cannabis cream as there are several choices. Containers for lotions and topical are in the market for you to check. There’s a canning jar that you can choose too.

Last Words

When you have sensitive skin, you can opt for Cannabis cream as you don’t need to worry about unwanted substances. Once you have the salve, you can make it anytime at home. Creativity can make different things like lip balm. But you will love how this cream provides soothing effect and relief.


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