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Can You Eat Shatter?

Can You Eat Shatter?

Cannabis products come in different shapes and forms. One of them is shattered. It is a type of marijuana extracts or concentrates. They’re called extracts or concentrates because they are, in the form of liquid, the Cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis buds. This concentrated liquid will be mixed with a chosen solvent, usually alcohol. While shatters are called so because they’re usually brittle, especially if it has more THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) than THC.

Can you eat Shatter Weed?

So can you eat shatter? The short answer is yes. But how it feels and looks like is a different story. In this article, we are going to talk about how to eat cannabis shatter.

Shattering or Sticky?

Shatters usually look translucent. They have colors from bright golden honey to a yellowish oil. But that may change depending on the process of the maker of shaker. Some may even look strangely green. Moreover, at face value, you might think that all shatters have the same texture or property, but it can be brittle like a thin, fragile glass or a super-sticky, concentrated honey-like sap. And this tells a lot about the quality of your shatter.

So what’s better, brittle or sticky? Well, as mentioned earlier, shatters that have higher tetrahydrocannabinol or THC content will usually be sappier than the one with a much higher content of THCA. THCA-high shatters are more brittle like precious thin glass and will likely break by just holding with hands.

While brittle ones are more consistent with the term shatter, ironically, the ones that are sappier or stickier by nature are to be preferred since they have more THC. But if you only have the sticky ones, don’t be disappointed because THCA can easily be converted into THC, if you mean easy as decarboxylating.

Process of Preparing your Shatter Weed

And that is one of the reasons why you should try preparing a delightful shatter in the comfort of your home. So the question “can you eat shatter” can finally be answered before your eyes. You’ll begin with a process by shattering the shatter weed, either by using a grinder or by just using your bare hands. But if it’s sticky by nature, then you can skip this step. Find a flat surface that can be placed inside an oven, or if you have a microwave, you can use a strong microwavable plastic.

You use heat to undergo the process of decarboxylation, that is, activating the THCA. You activate the THCA by heating it until it becomes or gets converted into THC so that the psychoactive (or therapeutic) properties of shatter weed can be experienced. There’s no fixed time with heating your shatter weed. You have to rely on your visuals. When you see your shatter is bubbling, it means that the excess liquid (alcohol or oil) is being evaporated and leaving only the decarboxylase cannabis. Then, your heated-up shatter can now be mixed into any choice substance (usually fatty) such as olive oil or butter.

One thing is especially worthy of notice. First, let everyone who wants to eat shatter weed continually manipulate their environment to get the right balance, and accept the fact that we are playing a quite complex game with wondrous effects. Because it’s relying on several different factors, and the key thing for us is always to try to get that balance right of the pleasures provided by your cannabis concentrate. The different properties with so many different strains can affect an unfocused mind and dominate a consumer’s attention too much.

And I think balance is the right word. We must labor more earnestly when we’re in a more difficult experience of the potent effects of THC. For users are like what you see in a couple dancing together, and they’re moving in synergy with each other, and that’s the preparation of an unforgettable experience of the cannabinoids.  Don’t let the THC be wasted and give us a boring, effect-less experience, but instead, to prove its great effects are delightful, do not mingle scary and negative thoughts while eating your shatter weed.

Of course, in eating any cannabis concentrates, or any cannabis product at all, we don’t think you’ll ever get the perfect model. But we think that you can always be evolving, and every pack of shatter you’ve got a need for a different style and method of preparation. That makes eating cannabis shatter an exciting endeavor while having the majesty of cannabis effects that can shatter your temporal cares and body aches. This method of dabbing shatter or syringing shatter is always a reminder of the good execution of skills. You need to gain by experience the skill of taking in the optimum pleasures of cannabinoids. But if your thoughts are fixed on negativities, then what’s the point of it all?

Remember that THCA should be converted into THC to affect you. And cannabis growers and producers repeatedly use the expression, not all things can be microwaved, which means that those who want to be pleased by THC in eating shatter must not forget the effectiveness of THCA if it is properly decarboxylated.

The summary is, the greater the opportunity of THC (or CBD) to work in us, swiftly inviting cannabis patients to lay aside their cares into its heavenly psychoactive power, the less powerful daily worries and fears become because of the potent and pleasing high of shatter. It surely does, in our current assessment, outweigh the most common body pains and some forms of depression, and rise above our affection. Taking in or eating cannabis concentrates such as shatters can seriously engage our every thought and feeling, prevent all negativities from haunting you, and rise hopefully for cannabis influence.

Eating Shatter Weed and Problems

Often it’s when situations go bad that we reflect. But in both scenarios, when things go right and go wrong, it’s perfectly fine to smoke marijuana. And the same thing goes with eating a shatter weed, as it can boost your happiness or manage your anxiety. If you can recognize that you’ve made something wrong, or scared, or whatever it is if you realize it and accept it, it puts you in a platform where you can address it and harness it. But until you realize it, you can’t. So what is much more acceptable is to compliment your reflection with shatter weed so that you can look back and say, “it could be better.” So when you think about reflection, think about weed in action.

It is accepted and promoted in the cannabis community that weed high is the consummation of every cannabis seed. Normally and traditionally, being high with weed is private. You can only get high alone. But now, being high in weed can be experienced at any time of the day and anywhere in the community. This is deep and yet so simple. We look at the expert producers of shatter weeds as they betray numerous great pains, burdensome anxiety, bombarding stress when they cultivate potent strains to alleviate body and mind pains. Their goal is to spread the news of the effects of cannabis that attacks strong jaws of various health conditions. What we’re saying here is all unnecessary and extra cares should be laid side by which our minds might be not focused and sent in a wandering state, instead of being submerged in the pleasures of cannabis.

Realize that the combination of personal reflection and eating shatter weed is a perfect match. Having people in your network that you can reflect with is important. Moreover, having one area in your life where you’re almost challenging yourself off of your reflection and challenging yourself to go and learn some more information is important. Having a good cannabis strain, that isn’t just any strain you picked up, but it’s more THC high (or CBD high), which is cannabis distilled, is important. Furthermore, having a network of cannabis enthusiasts and novices and colleagues where you can get some mentorship from and turn that knowledge into wisdom.

Conclusion: Can you eat shatter?

Yes, you can eat shatter. But you have to be keen on the process of decarboxylation to get better results of shatter. Can you eat shatter? Of course. But how will you do so? Just follow the usual steps of decarboxylation, and you will enjoy the high cannabinoid contents of shatter. But do not forget to measure your doses since shatters and other concentrates have higher levels of THC than smoking buds. Be safe, and stay medicated.


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