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Can you Buy Cannabis Seeds in Fort Worth | Crop King Seeds

Can you Buy Cannabis Seeds in Fort Worth?

A lot of people from Fort Worth come to our live website chat or talk to us to the phone and ask us if they can buy marijuana seeds in Fort Worth. We are always being honest to answer with “no” because you cannot buy marijuana seeds in USA. Yes, you can find some but not the quality that the real professional seed  company has.

You can find some bag seeds in the streets that won’t give you the best plants that you can grow. Not worth your time and money. Aside from that, marijuana is illegal in Texas thus it’s always hard to find a good supplier.

If you are tired of buying ineffective and dangerous pharmaceutical medications that will bring you side effects instead of cure, then marijuana  is your best option. We are a very professional seed company so we don’t want to claim that it can cure your cancer or any other medical conditions because medical tests and studies are still being conducted to prove the effectiveness of medical marijuana. But, a lot of our customers and people from around the world have experienced better life with marijuana.

Why grow your own marijuana plants?

Growing is already a form of therapy. Aside from that, you can also save a lot of money in the long run. Yes, it is costly to start but once you have the equipments and know how then you will surely be harvesting high yields with less cost. Yes, lesser cost compared to what you are spending for your prescription pharmaceutical medications.

Should I grow from seeds or clones?

If you want to make sure that your plants can give you the maximum yield then go for seeds. You can order marijuana seeds form us and we will ship to your address in Forth Worth, Texas discreetly. Although rare, 10% of orders to the USA get seized in the borders. Don’t worry, the seeds will go directly to the trash and you won’t get a knock on your door because nobody cares for a few seeds in the mail. They are seeds not weed and no country has laws that make seeds that look like any other seeds out there illegal. They seize seeds because it is not allowed to import agricultural products.


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