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Can Marijuana Help AIDS/HIV Patients? | Crop King Seeds
Marijuana Help AIDSHIV

Can Marijuana Help AIDS/HIV Patients?

It has been known that marijuana can help treat the symptoms of AIDS/HIV but is not a cure. A lot of people who have AIDS/HIV can attest to the effectiveness of marijuana to making them feel better. Cannabis has help them a lot to enjoy life even with AIDS/HIV.

Can marijuana really help AIDS/HIV Patients?

The answer to this question is yes. There are a lot of AIDS/HIV patients who are growing marijuana for their illness. Growing marijuana seeds could be the start to curing AIDS/HIV. Growing from seeds is better than growing from clones or cuttings because the plants are healthier and the yields are much larger.

What are the marijuana strains good for treating AIDS/HIV?

There is no such thing as the best marijuana strain that can help cure the symptoms of AIDS/HIV because it depends on the needs of the patients. Since patients of this disease will feel a lot of problems becuase of the declining immune system, so marijuana can minimize those problems. It depends on the grower or smoker to which marijuana strain will be best in helping them ease the pain, relax them or whatever effect they would want to get.

More and more studies have been conducted to prove that marijuana can treat AIDS/HIV but it’s unwise to wait for the result before you start using marijuana for your disease. A lot of people have been saying that marijuana is a big help for them and if you have AIDS/HIV then marijuana might be the answer to your problem. Grow from seeds to save a lot of cash instead of buying from outside sources or people that you don’t trust.

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