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What You Need to Know About Birthday Cake Strain | Crop King Seeds

What You Need to Know About Birthday Cake Strain

Is it your birthday? No, but even without birthdays, consumers can still appreciate a piece of birthday cake with cannabis touch. You read it right. Well, for cannabis consumers who fancy cakes, there is a strain that infuses your favorite cake into cannabis. Introducing the Birthday Cake Strain. You can no longer imagine smoking your favorite birthday cake because it now comes to life. Though it is not precisely what you are thinking, the goodness of the cake and the nostalgic sensation from a freshly sliced vanilla cake is packed within the Birthday Cake Strain, adding a bonus to its relaxing and soothing effects.

Let’s explore more about Birthday Cake strain, its origin, effects, terpene profile, medical benefits, and best-growing methods. This article is filled with everything you need to know about our star strain, Birthday Cake.

Understanding Birthday Cake Strain


A balanced cannabis strain, Birthday Cake was derived from the relatively well-known Girl Scout Cookies infused with the genetics of Cherry Pie cannabis. Physically, it is filled with buds in round shape and in dark green color with hues of purple. The buds are dense and fully coated with amazing trichomes, making it look like frosted. It has hairs in intense orange color.

Boosting its THC level soaring up to 24%, there is no doubt that the Birthday Cake strain has an impressive background inherited from its parents. As described in relation to other strains of cannabis, the Birthday Cake strain has identical strength and impact of the infamous Tahoe OG strain and Lemon Kush strain.

Flavor and Smell 

There is no question to this statement, as the name implies, the Birthday Cake strain possesses unique and tasty vanilla and skunk smell, mixed together with a fine sweetness upon inhale and a tinge of nuts and creamy when puffed out. Its scent resembles mild pungent, earthy, and skunk variety that refreshes by its overpowering vanilla tone. Although,  it is not your usual vanilla tone because it compares with a vanilla weed cake.

When cured appropriately, the Birthday Cake strain will generate additional features of scent that would stink like a damp and citrus indication. When you try grounding it, the strain releases a variety of sandalwood hint and spice and, when smoked, can be slightly harsh on the sinus.

Majority of people who have tried it approves that it taste and smell like a real birthday cake, nevertheless, there are some phenotypes of this strain was actually have more cake-like terpenes, yet it possesses sour aftertaste and a limited hint of creamy flavor.


If you are looking for a strain that can convey gentleness and relaxation, then Birthday Cake strain got you. With its seductive flavors and smell, this strain is indeed exceptionally tempting to experiment. However, opposing its terpene profile and resemblance to a birthday cake, it is not for everyone’s cup of tea, especially those with very low tolerance to THC.

The initial effects of the Birthday Cake strain will fill you an uplifting mood, and you will demonstrate happiness and side giggles immediately. Afterward, it will gradually progress to the onset of body relaxation, and you may feel lazy, unmotivated, and perhaps, couch-locked. What is intriguing about this strain, despite the fact that it provides sleepiness, the mind continues to be attentive.

The overwhelming feeling that can be delivered by the Birthday Cake strain enables the users to have undisturbed rest, which can be a wonderful session to have after a lengthy aggravating day. During the night, the Birthday Cake strain will serve as a medical treatment for those wanting to have a deep and good sleeping experience.

Easy to say that the Birthday Cake strain is likely a burden or a blessing, depending on the time users are using it. It is important to note that having a high level of THC and fairly low CBD, the strain is unlikely to drop you off and may just feel drowsy when consumed in huge amount. Regardless, regulated usage is still recommended to achieve an outrageous and delightful experience.

Adverse Consequences

Despite having some favorable results and effects from either smoking or eating the Birthday Cake strain, there are some risks associated with its usage. Totally, there is no escape from adverse effects when using any cannabis strain. Most commonly, this strain will make your mouth feel like a dessert. It dries out your moisture living a cotton-mouth experience. Always keep water or anything that keeps you from dehydration.

On top of this, the Birthday Cake strain is more inclined to deliver anxiousness and dizziness. Although it has promising effects, there is no retreat from experience these impacts, especially when consuming tremendous dosage beyond your tolerance.

Medicinal Value

A great for medical marijuana consumers, Birthday Cake strain, has numerous advantages in the field of medicine. The continuous research on the actual level of CBD on this strain furnishes ambiguous data on whether it could help people suffering from seizures or epilepsy.

Nonetheless, due to its amazing capabilities to uplift mood, it is used by many as a treatment for stress and possible medication for depression. It is already widely used by physicians as an alternative for synthetic antidepressant pills. It likewise possesses analgesic property and sedative components that are able to boost in relieving pain from inflammation or fibromyalgia. It could similarly be beneficial in treating headaches or serious migraines. 

Cultivating Birthday Cake Strain

Being an easy cannabis plant, this strain is an extremely thriving plant that is able to tolerate any type of weather conditions and environmental factors. It will produce a reasonable amount of harvest regardless of the additional moisture and humidity around the setting.

When trying out the outdoor growing, it prefers much-needed sunlight to achieve free of worries while cultivating, even though it is known to have a high tolerance to cold climate. It can be susceptible to mildew, which is the downside of this cannabis.

Providing the best environmental support and condition when cultivating the Birthday Cake strain will generate and maximize its full potential, giving it the best possible chance to generate cannabinoids along the process. It can grow up to six feet and potentially produce approximately six ounces of harvest per twelve inches.


Overall, consumers from all around the world will have outstanding experience in both mind and body with its breathtakingly amazing effects. These are also accompanied by an amazing set of terpenes that upholds its resemblance to a birthday cake. Apart from its downside when growing, Birthday Cake strain remains a top and famous cannabis strain that can deliver both potency and relaxation without disappointing your expectations.


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