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10 Best Weed Strains to Try This Year

So you may be a newbie in the community, which is why you are searching for the best and relevant strains that will suit your liking, or maybe you are already an expert or a long time cannabis user, and you would just want to try out a new stain. Then this is the article that you need to read.  

Due to the technological advancement and the massive legalization of cannabis in the U.S and Canada, many growers and enthusiasts have shared their knowledge with the community. This caused a lot of strains to be born and produced by combining the staple weed classics with other hybrids, which resulted in newer and much more potent strains. The list below is just the best weed strains for 2020 since we cannot list all of them.

The Best Weed Strains

Top 10 – Peanut Butter Breath or Peanut Butter Cup

This strain is one of the new strains that has been trending and captured many eyes due to the uniqueness of its name. Who would not want peanut butter cups, right? This strain has a recorded staggering 28% THC content and unique terpene composition that provide a chocolatey and peanut buttery flavor that even top off Reese’s world-famous peanut butter cup.

This is a well-balanced composition of 50 percent indica and 50 sativa; however, this has a more dominant relaxation effect; this is usually for recreational users that just want to have a chill day. The seeds are readily available and being sold for a reasonable price if you want to grow your own peanut butter cup stash.

Top 9 – Gelonade

This strain is a combination of the famous Gelato 41 and the famous high potent strain Lemon Tree. This formula was actually invented and cultivated by “CC Co”. This strain is found to be a citrus bomb due to its highly refreshing citrusy flavor that everybody loves. This is a sativa dominant strain that has purple hints that are not usually present in sativas. 

This strain provides a new way to enjoy the marijuana experience for both beginners and experienced users.

Top 8 – Tropicana Cookies

If you are an avid fan of a certain cannabis cultivator, most likely, you have already encountered types of cannabis that have a weird color or very vibrant colors. This has been going trending on Instagram due to its enticing color and also due to its unique euphoric effects. This packs a real punch and will give you the energy that you need for the day. This is extremely good for people who are always on the go with a very active lifestyle.

Top 7 – White Tahoe Cookies

This strain provides the smooth train like effect; it does not have a kick that overwhelms or even shocks you. This will give you a good glide throughout your day and will relieve your stress. This plant has a very appealing physical appearance due to its refreshing dark green color with orange pistils and shades of purple on the side.

Top 6 – Rainbow Chip

This is coined to be one of the best hybrids that you can find today, although this is new, it has already surpassed a large number of hybrids that already established a name in the market. This is a 50/50 indica-sativa definition but provides a lot of energy jolts for users. However, due to its new release, it has not been distributed all across the country yet, so basically, this is a diamond in the rough at the moment. The effects are great; it relieves any anxiety disorders but provides a punch due to its 23% THC content.

Top 5 – Vanilla Frosting

This is noted as one of the amazing new strains that are released in the market today. This is a combination of two legendary power strains, which are Humboldt Frost OG and Humboldt Gelato Bx3. This is a good strain for sellers because the yields are surprisingly more than the usual strains, so if you want a huge payout, try growing your own Vanilla Frosting. Its taste is cakey with an evident luscious vanilla flavor. The potency is closely tied with the Gelato weed line up.

Top 4 – Dimepiece

If you have not tried or encountered Dimepiece as of this moment, then you are truly a caveman, you have missed a lot in your cannabis voyage. This strain is one of the most groundbreaking strains that surpassed the THC levels of cannabis legends. This has also won many cannabis cups. It has a whopping 31% THC level that will give you a high that is very out of this world.

Maybe the reason you haven’t encountered this is due to your geographic location; this is easy to find in the Bay Area; however, we have already confirmed that this is already being spread out across the country, but if you are willing to take a joy ride, it’s really worth it!

Top 3 – ACDC

This strain is dedicated to CBD junkies and fanatics out there. It has a huge quantity of CBD but has only a hint of THC. This gives an immediate and super effective pain-relieving effect much better than 2 doses of Tylenol. This is good for people who have arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. This is more of a physical high rather than any euphoric effect.

Top 2 – Wedding Cake

This strain leans towards the indica corner; this is a crossbreed between two famous strains, which are the Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. This strain has a huge quantity of THC that will keep you going all day. This has a very evident cherry taste and also an obvious cookie flavor that will surely have a mouth-watering sensation; this will make you get up and look for cookies in your pantry. 

This strain is specifically bred as a solution for anxiety and depression that are already reaching the clinical stage. This provides an immediate mood boost and a happy experience. This will also give inspiration and creativity to artists as well as creators.

Top 1 – Fat Banana

This is one of the best indica dominant strains that has been newly introduced in the market. This obviously has a very powerful banana flavor and aroma. This strain provides the best appetite boosting capability and relaxation if you are seeking solace and peace while you are enjoying your comfort foods. 


This sums up the list of best weed strains for this year. However, since the year hasn’t ended yet, for sure, there are brilliant minds that are still formulating mind-blowing that will surprise you before this year ends. 

Now that you have all your options, you just have to match it according to your preference and need or just go out there and try them all. Enjoy! 

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