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What is the Best Temp to Vape Weed? | Crop King Seeds

What is the Best Temp to Vape Weed?

What is the Best Temp to Vape Weed?

Do you want to consume weed? Are you getting curious about consuming weed through a vaporizer? Haven’t you tried vaping weed? Well, if you are curious about it or maybe if you are into it, then you have to learn more things about vaping. One of the most important things you need to learn in vaping weed is the best temp to vape weed. You will be able to know the different temperatures to vape marijuana as well as the recommended temperature for you, with the help of this article. 

In vaping marijuana, you must be familiar with the different temperatures. You have to know that when you consume marijuana through vaping, then you can control its temperature. Now, let us get started to know the best temperature for vaping cannabis. 

Best Temp to Vape Weed: Details and Explanation

One of the good things about vaping is that the temperature can be adjusted. If you compare it to smoking weed, there is not full control of the temperature. It means there is a big possibility of losing the flavor of the marijuana strain. The essential thing you need to know about vaping is the best temperature to vape weed. There are three ranges of the temperature and you have to know the differences between the three as well as their advantages. 

The three ranges of the temperature will provide various marijuana experiences, so the best temp for vaping marijuana would depend on something that you are aiming for a weed. You need to know that your marijuana experience would also depend on some factors such as two marijuana vaporizers which are being set at similar temperatures might result in vapor with various types. Aside from that, the cannabinoids and the terpenes levels of a strain which have a greater contribution to the marijuana taste, smell, as well as the effects would affect your experience as well. 

Hence, here are the recommended temperatures for you and you should find the one that would perfectly fit for you:

  • Toasted lightly (325 to 350 degree Fahrenheit / 163 to 177 degree Celcius)

The point of boiling for the THC, which is the psychoactive compound that can be found in marijuana is 315 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to experience the best marijuana flavor, then can consider the low temperature. Aside from the best weed flavor, it will also produce a taste that is fresh with notes of piney as well as citrus.

Apart from that, you can experience a cooler at the same time lesser harsh on your throat. Therefore, there is a lesser chance for you to cough. Another good that thing about this temperature is that you will experience less of its side effects such as cottonmouth, paranoia, as well as red eyes. Through the low temperature of vaping weed, you will not experience a burning sensation. You can also use this setting if you are a newbie or you are a light user who does not want too much intoxication. 

Here are some of the good things about this temperature:

  1. Euphoria will be light, the effect will be calming
  2. Fresh flavors with citrus and piney notes. 
  3. The vapor will be cooler and coughing will be lesser. 
  4. Side effects will be minimized
  5. Recommended for the new users
  6. Fit for those who want to get their tasks done. 
  • Baked Half (35- to 400 degrees Fahrenheit / 177 to 204 degree Celsius)

If you are still in the phase of experimenting weed, then you can start by this temperature. In this temperature range, you should not worry because you are still going to get many terpenes, however, you will more cannabinoids. Through this temperature, there will be warmer as well as thicker vapor. The taste you will get will be more cannabinoids. It means there will be richer taste. 

You need to know that the effects of the psychoactive properties will be more noticeable and stronger because plenty of THC is volatilized. The effects will be relaxing at the same time as euphoric. This is the best temp for both the flavors and the effects. 

Here are the advantages of this temperature:

  1. The effects will be euphoric, meditative, as well as relaxing. 
  2. It will be rich in flavor and cannabinoids plus terpenes 
  3. The vapor will be warmer. 
  4. There will be plenty of THC that is being volatilized. 
  5. Side effects will be minor. 
  6. There will be more cannabinoids. 
  • Baked fully (400 to 430 degree Fahrenheit / 204 to 221 degree Celcius)

If there will be a cannabinoid maximum extraction, then you can use this temperature range. In this range, you have to expect a hotter vapor and the flavors will be less. However, the effects of psychotropics will be very strong. This is the reason why this temperature range is recommended for the evening use because it will result in a couch lock effect. 

If you use this temperature, then there will be lots of terpenes that will lessen faster. If you are into getting the terpenes, then this temp is good to set when you are about to end your marijuana vaping session. You have to remember that it can result in coughing. 

Here are the things you have to expect in this temp:

  1. The effects it brings will be intense and there will be a strong euphoric effect. It will lead to a couch-lock aftereffect. 
  2. There will be a maximum volatilization of THC. 
  3. Vapor will be hot and it can result in coughing.
  4. Terpenes will be lesser and there will be the high extraction of cannabinoid. 
  5. There will be a suppressed appetite. 
  6. The experience if somewhat similar to smoking


In choosing the best temp to vape weed, you have to choose according to your preference. Each of the weed users has different preferred effects, flavors, and what compounds they want to experience most. Therefore, you must know each of the descriptions that were mentioned about the three ranges of the temperature. 

If you fully understand everything that was stated above, you will be able to choose the right temperature for you as well as the best temperature that is suitable for you and for what you are aiming to get in vaping weed.


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