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10 Best Strains for Male Arousal

Both men and women are born sensual and get feelings of arousal. It’s one of the necessities that they need to satisfy like the need for sleep or eating. Enhancing such arousal among men is very much possible and can be done through the help of cannabis. There are 10 best strains for male arousal that can help them experience a more satisfying feeling.

Cannabis is a versatile plant that can bring a wide variety of feelings and benefits that stoners love. At present, a lot more uses of the magic herb are introduced which includes putting more spice to one’s intimate moments with his partner. The two major properties of cannabis that help in making that possible are the THC and CBD.

The very famous recreational property of marijuana is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. It is the psychoactive substance that makes people get soaring high, calm, and motivated. It targets the brain and manages to alter its functions. CBD or cannabidiol, on the other hand, is the non-psychoactive substance of weeds famous for its healing or medicinal effects. It can aid in taking away your muscle pain, fatigue, cramps, anxiety, and many others.

Things to Consider in Using Weeds for Male Arousal

Before deciding to use the best strains for male arousal, there are a few steps that must be considered first. The effects of cannabis is a case to case basis, wherein, not one smoker will have the same experience and reaction to the drug as the others. Therefore, in using any cannabis strain for arousal, you must think about these things first.

  1. Boosting your libido – the higher terpene called limonene is what increases your sex drive. Thus, if wanting to experience a one of kind intercourse, use cannabis that has such substance.
  2. Self-pleasuring – if you are someone who likes to be alone and enjoy some moments of intimacy with oneself, the terpene linalool can help. It has got some very calming effect, slow at bringing euphoria but very pleasant, too. Its cooldown is also slow for a longer self-satisfying time.
  3. Risk of anxiety – people with a high risk of anxiety are may benefit also from smoking cannabis. It helps reduce the risk of anxiety. The Kush family is the most famous for this function.
  4. Pain-killing – for sex that does not involve pain or any discomfort, cannabis, and some of its famous strains can help. They have terpenes that help with eliminating such a negative feeling when having sex and those are beta-caryophyllene, humulene, myrcene, and caryophyllene.
  5. Trying a new experience – the usual sex that you’ve been having with your partner will be nothing like this now because of cannabis’s help. Going beyond your limit will feel truly exceptional.
  6. Higher energy feeling – most cannabis users choose to have a higher dosage than usual to achieve more energy that is necessary when they’re having sex with their partners. However, it depends on the strain, too.
  7. For relaxation – other cannabis varieties tend to cause the super chilling effect to users which eventually leads to dozing off or numbness which is not good if wanting to make love at that moment.

Cannabis is such an angel when it comes to fulfilling such potential needs that you may have. The strain of marijuana that you will consume affects the kind of sensations and emotions that result from your use of the drug. Being wise about choosing the one for your consumption is 100% necessary. Thus, here is the list of 10 best strains for male arousal that you can try for yourself or your partner.

10 Best Strains for Male Arousal

  1. Chemdawg – the most powerful strain for causing male arousal and all other very delightful sensations. It is characterized by that instant mind-crashing effect that’s relaxing and tingly, too. You’ll feel confident and joyful with the ability to ease away all tension and pain. Being sensitive to high THC and have an anxiety attack, you should limit your consumption to low dosage only to avoid bad reactions from the body. Under the high influence of Chemdawg, there is a certain kind of hunger and thirst, seducing each other to come up with a satisfying sex day or night. It’s going to invade your mind and body to deliver its super calming creative effects. Diesel, earthy, and pungent smells shall feed your nostrils with such an entertaining feeling, too.
  2. Rockstar – can take away your stress and worries brought about by the busy day. This bud is a truly natural and effective remedy to intense stress, fatigue, and anxiety, too. However, the consumption should be in moderation and so you can achieve a heavenly sleep after a wild and lustful sexual intercourse with your partner. This Rockstar strain has 70% indica genes from the parent strains Rock Bud and Sensi Star. It gained fame also due to its delightful flavors of earthy, skunky, spicy, pungent, and sweet tastes. Rock your world together with this cannabis strain’s soaring high, having 14 to 19% THC level.
  3. Bubble Kush – contains 80% indica genetics which brings in a relaxing kick after a while. A rush of strong desire and pleasure is achieved along with a feeling of orgasms even by just simply looking at each other. You’ll love clinging to each other and savoring each other’s smell while lying side by side in bed. Be happy, calm, and have cheeks flushed with a tingly feeling on your temple and the forehead.
  4. Trainwreck – genetically Sativa-heavy hybrid and has only an inch of indica. Such a dominant gene delivers a superb mental high to heighten also your feelings of euphoria and great mood. An instant dose of warm sensations will fill your being and invite you to get closer to your partner. Your taste buds, too, will like its presence inside your body for its flavors are earthy and a small tinge of citrus as well as pepper and pine. Fringe sex can be a great activity to enjoy this bud’s effects. However, using this for such kind of sex may be accompanied by a certain discomfort, as well.
  5. Granddaddy Purple – the child of crossing Big Bud and Purple Urkle. This is a strain that has a grape and berry scent and it was discovered at the beginning of the 2000s to conquer everyone’s heart in the cannabis world. Mental and physical feelings of relaxation slowly creep in you. Nice and slow, it starts to blend inside you to create an intensely pleasurable sexual intercourse afterward. The pleasure you get from this bud also exhibits a strong pain-killing effect. Its taste was greatly influenced by its parents which gave it the tastes of grape and berry. Such tastes together with its high indica genetics make this bud a great one to achieve numbness when too much has been consumed. It may not be suitable for making love but only with lower dosages.
  6. Jack Herer – a tribute to the former cannabis activist whose name is exactly Jack Herer, too. It’s got a 55% sativa genetics that allows this bud to bring a speedy high hitting the head and kicks in fast. That simultaneous relaxing feeling is followed by a comfortable sexy moment with your partner while also being mentally active and wild. Whispering some very sensual thoughts or words to each other would be great to tickle more of your imaginations and fantasy. The floral scent of this bud is accompanied by a citrusy note. 
  7. Jillybean – having more indica genes than sativa, this strain can make you the most creative person around and get you more mentally stimulated and physically relaxed. There are euphoria and gentleness in the body high that you should be ready to be raised up and then back to reality in the arms of your partner, like hungry mouths ready to devour each other whole. Sometimes it will cause you to think creatively, too, asking each other to do dirty talk or roleplaying. With its very strong high, this bud can give you dry eyes and cottonmouth if overdosed. It has mango and pineapple tastes that are delicious but must be taken with caution to avoid dryness, especially of the private area.
  8. Sour Diesel – simply called the Sour D is a source of high-power energy and lightheadedness. It sets in fast and effective, extremely popular, and has dominant sativa genes. Lust and desire get 100% activated in just a few tokes of it. The insatiability that strikes you inside is a greater reason for you and your partner to stay longer in bed, feel your heartbeat go faster, and your body grows hotter and hotter. There’s no stopping the pleasure you feel for this bud because of its skunky, sour notes, too. Got yourself some heavenly delight with Sour Diesel.
  9. Purple Princess – it’s more than the meaning of its name. More than the gentle image of a princess, this bud is the ultimate indica-dominant variety that will blow your mind away and spark up your sensual mood that’s great for having sex in the morning or night. Although it’s got a low THC, its physical sedation is more than just the tingly feeling you’re expecting. Not to get too stoned by its low THC does not mean you should keep on hitting more of it because the bud will, later on, create a contenting effect, too. Its taste is like normal cannabis with some hint of sweet berries and grape gums. 
  10. Atomic Northern Lights – It has 14 to 24% THC that’s perfect for an intense psychoactive feeling due to its 60% indica genetics. Sexy acts become more interesting and exciting when combined with the visual distortion that users experience from smoking this bud. It may be more intense and creative than usual, with the desire to watch some erotic films and albums. That dreaminess helps tickle your mind and encourage sweet acts as nipple tightening. More intimacy is achieved, too. It has a skunky and pungent floral scent that lingers and leads to more sexual drive.

Final Thoughts

Sex is an important part of everyone’s life, especially when reaching the right age for love and marriage. Adding more twist and spice to a man’s sex drive is just perfect for a honeymoon night or day. Every couple deserves to enjoy that savoring moment so go on and choose one from the best strains for male arousal on the list above. Enjoy the ride and enjoy your cannabis smoking experience together!


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