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What are the Best Strains for Female Arousal? | Crop King Seeds

Best Strains for Female Arousal

Best Strains for Female Arousal

If you are looking for a marijuana strain that can boost your partner’s libido to enjoy more sex, well, there have been a lot of strains that were claimed to as the best strains for female arousal and male arousal as well.

You might be in for a great surprise as you read through this post as we discuss some of the best strains that can make you and your partner ultra-aroused while getting high. This is, after all, cannabis is usually linked to getting munchies and that heavy couch-lock effect, but, as weed continues to be legalized in many parts of the world, many stoners claim that they get very passionate in bed every time they take a hit or two.

However, there has been pieces of evidence that proved weed can cause people to get sexually aroused based on the accounts of people before who use it way back as their other source to boost their libido.

Currently, there are thousands of cannabis strains that you can find on the internet and most of them are hybrids or artificially cross-bred intended to provide new quality traits of cannabis. One of the most common questions now people ask is how can cannabis sexually arouse a person?

If you are very curious about this sizzling topic, then you are in the right post because you will learn the seven most popular strains that are known to sexually arouse a person.

Is there a scientific explanation for the sexually arousing effects of cannabis?

There are very few people who know that cannabis has been used for centuries as a libido, particularly in Asia where cannabis is farmed in the mountains. In India, cannabis has been used not just for medicinal purposes but also became a key component to tantric or slow-phased sexual intercourse which is a Hindu ritual.

What makes cannabis even more interesting is that it can increase the level of orgasm in females or women and at the same time it lowers down the levels of inhibitions during sexual intercourse. This is according to doctors who conducted several studies on this matter. Their studies revealed that cannabis can help in deactivating a particular part of the brain that is responsible for controlling anxiety and stress. That is why women can achieve a stronger orgasm and achieve a more enjoyable sexual experience with their partners.

However, not all cannabis strains are aphrodisiac as many have been known to promote couch-lock effects and even sleepiness, so here are our six best strains for sexual arousal.

Alice In Wonderland

This Sativa-dominant strain is known for its ability to elevate your senses that promotes libido increase and sexually arousing. However, this strain needs you to have your stimuli so that your senses can get more intense with the help of it. It has a euphoric sensation that comes from its thick and resinous buds. Its euphoric sensation helps promote sexual arousal that is very exciting. Even though this strain contains a lower THC level, this will never fail you and your partner to perform optimally in bed.

Bubblegum Kush

This Indica-dominant strain is known for its long-lasting and very relaxing effects that are also great for sexual intercourse especially if you share it with your partner. It has very pleasing effects that make you very happy while its high is buzzing all over your body. This strain is known for its citrusy aroma with a sweet flavor. Its high is usually filled with giggling and a very sensual vibration that will make you take your clothes off. Just like other Indica strains, Bubblegum Kush has a lower THC level which makes it perfect for nightly sessions and of course love-making.

Hindu Skunk

This strain in particular is one of the best choices to get a girl completely aroused. Even though it has a funky and skunky smell, this is one of the best choices for men to get their female partners sexually aroused. This Indica-dominant strain which is a cross between Skunk #1 and the Hindu Kush strains can easily trigger that erotic sensation and feeling for women. Because of its high THC content, it can instantly invigorate female users with that energetic and tingling feeling that can be felt at the most sensitive parts of their body.


There is a very strong and concrete reason why this strain is named literally about sex. Sexxpot is very useful for women who are having struggles to reach orgasm or getting aroused and increase their libido. Women who are aged 50 to 60 are having a hard time getting aroused. That is why Sexxpot is there to help them out. This particular strain of cannabis is known to help women get ultra-relaxed while having sexual intercourse and can increase its arousing effects if it is paired with lubricants that have CBD in them. Sexxpot is very popular and considered a legitimate game-changer in the world of cannabis particularly for women in the United States that use this every time they are planning to have sex with their partners. This strain contains a low THC level compared to other strains with just around 14% while there are varieties that can reach up to 20%. Since it has a low THC level, it can easily provide sensations that can be felt all around the body that is buzzing and tingling, thus it creates arousal.

Generally, it is ideal for women to consume cannabis that contains low THC levels so that they can manipulate their anti-estrogen activity inside their bodies. Sexxpot in particular contains higher CBD levels that help in regulating the endocannabinoid system which is very helpful in hormone balance.

Green Crack

It is not the entire time that lower THC levels are ideal for increasing libido. There are strains out there that contain a high THC level that makes you sexually energized and that is the Green Crack strain. This strain is known as a stimulant and energizer and on top of that, it makes women go crazily aroused while men can last for an entire night.

Green Crack is known for its dense and very sticky buds that are coated in resin. It has a citrusy aroma that instantly revs up your senses even after having a very tiring day at work or school. You will surely feel energized and motivated because of the presence of Myrcene that is key in slowing down the effects of stress and anxiety. This is also very ideal to wake up all night to have wonderful lovemaking with your partner.

Because of its euphoric high, it creates a tingling sensation that can be felt all around the body especially at the most sensitive parts, that is why this strain is very popular for people who want to get aroused easily. This strain is perfect for those who want to have sex the entire night.

However, this strain is known to knock you out once its high starts to subside, so plan out your love-making with your partner so that you won’t feel sluggish afterward.

Northern Lights

Even though this particular strain is popular among men, well, lately, it has gained the interest of a lot of women because of its ability to make them sexually aroused. Northern Lights is highly used for medicinal purposes because of its effectiveness in battling anxiety and depression.

However, men love this strain because it can help them cure their erectile dysfunction. This is one of the best strains that can easily alleviate the symptoms of anxiety which gives men a lot of confidence while women love this kind of strain because it gives them an equally arousing experience whenever they are having sexual intercourse with their partner.

This strain is a pure Indica which is very well-known for its propensity which helps in reducing the symptoms of not just anxiety, but stress and other bodily discomforts as well. Even with just a few puffs, this will get you going right away. Your anxiousness can get easily replaced with euphoria and sexual confidence.

Grandaddy Purple

This strain is not just known for its very relaxing effects that can last for hours. This is also well-known for its very potent physical sensations that affect mostly the sensitive parts of our body which is very great for women who want to make love with their partners. This strain is used also for medicinal purposes as this can help relax the mind and body to alleviate the symptoms of depression and stress. As an Indica-dominant strain, Granddaddy Purple which is grown and harvested in California is the result of crossing the Big Bud and the Purple Urkle. It has a very great head high that is pure happiness and joy and one of the most popular strains on the West Coast of the United States. You can feel its stimulating effects that make you sexually aroused especially if you pair it with a good bottle of wine and relaxing music with your partner.

Does cannabis provide great effects sexually?

Aside from what is listed above, there are tons of strains that are claiming to sexually arouse women, however, not everything is proven. These are all claims and testimonies from various users. So, do strains matter to get sexually aroused? Well, maybe because it has not yet proven entirely while experts have disagreed about the effects of cannabis that can elevate the sexual senses of a person.

Some medical experts believe that cannabis strains can lead to various sexual preferences, however, this does not entirely guarantee the outcome of the users’ expectations. Doctors advised that instead of focusing on a particular strain, they should instead focus on the level of dosage and the type of method of consuming one particular strain to achieve sexual satisfaction.

Doctors also believe that the real reason behind the increased libido of women and men as well when they use cannabis is the presence of terpenes. In general, terpenes are the aroma and the flavor of cannabis which is similar to what we taste and smell in fruits.

Since cannabis has a potent and aromatic smell, while it has bursting flavors, this contributes to the aphrodisiac effects that make people go horny. Terpenes surely create a huge impact on cannabis.

Which is the right strain to choose from?

For a person who tried cannabis regardless if they have very minimal experience consuming it surely knows that the effects vary from person to person differently. There is no instant solution to make a person instantly horny when consuming cannabis. In general, people’s expectations are always true that they feel sexually aroused when they smoke either of the strains mentioned above.

When it comes to strains, Sativa is most likely getting you more energized and pumped up making it ideal for those who are seeking to get a second wind after a tiring day while Indica strains are known for promoting relaxation and putting you in a completely chill state both mind and body.

If you are confused right now about which strain is best for you and your partner, just think about your theme for that night. If you want a wild and erotic night, then you should smoke or consume a Sativa strain, or perhaps if you want to cuddle and have a relaxing night with your partner and go to bed after a few rounds, then choose Indica.

It is always a matter of personal choice and personal discovery to determine which strain fits best for you and your partner. It does not have to be Sativa always or Indica all the time. It depends on the mood, the situation, and the passion for both partners.

If you and your partner are sexually active and do not have any problem with libido, then there is no reason for you to try these strains. However, if your relationship’s fire starts to burn out, then maybe this is the time to fix it up and use any of the strains mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

While it is completely true that people experience increased libido and are sexually aroused, it is still highly advised not to overdose or over-consume cannabis and the strains that are mentioned above as this will not be safe especially if you are not entirely used to this kind of habit. Always remember that these are claims and there is still a lot of scientific studies needed to be done to solidify these claims as facts.


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