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10 Best Strains for Depression | Crop King Seeds

10 Best Strains for Depression

Are you having problems with depression? Do you want to know the perfect strains for alleviating it? Depression can be a reason as to why some people consume weed. However, people must know the right strains to consume. If you are looking for the best strains for depression, then this might be a helpful article for you. 

There are some good strains that you can choose from. You will be able to know the kind of strains that are better for alleviating depression. For you to choose, you have to know the descriptions of each strain first. It is also important that you understand each of the descriptions so that you will be able to find the strain that you are looking for. Now, let us find out what those best strains are. 

Best Strains for Depression: Description and Explanation

Are you wondering what best strains that can help you with depression are? For those some cannabis users, weed can help in alleviating depression. If you take a certain strain, then it will promote an engaging sense as well as motivation that can help you fight with your low mood. Depression can be really hard to beat with. However, you can rely on some cannabis strains that would help fight with depression. Here are the lists of 10 best strains for depression:

This weed is a kind of sativa dominant strain as well as THC dominant weed. The flavors you can expect from this weed are woody as well as piney. It is good in providing energy that your body needs. It will also leave its users a happy feeling effect, focused aftermath as well as an uplifted feeling. It is a known hybrid of two strains that are high in THC, which are the Northern Lights #5 strains as well as the Shiva Skunk strain. The THC levels of this weed are about 15 % to 24 %. 

  • Cinex Strain

It is marijuana that is THC dominant. The aroma it has is citrus as well as peppery. It can be a good strain of getting positive energy as well as a creative mindset. This weed is recommended to be taken during the day. The THC level, it contains is about 25 %. Hence, you must be careful in using this weed, especially if you are prone to anxiety. It is a good way for mood alleviation. 

Some studies show how good it is in increasing levels of both serotonin and dopamine. There is also another weed strain with high in a compound of limonene, and it is the lemon haze. It is with a lower THC level, which is about 15 % and 20 %. 

It is a kind of THC dominant weed. It is a good strain that has a calming effect and it can also improve your appetite. The smell it has is flowery and berrylike fragrance with a note of sweetness. It has about a 23 % level of THC. It can be a very relaxing strain. The effects it has can kick in faster. It will make its user’s body and mind relaxed. If you are suffering depression with insomnia and pain are the symptoms, then you will be able to benefit from its medicinal properties. 

This weed is a type of CBD dominant marijuana. The medical benefits you can get in using this weed include alleviation of anxiety, depression, as well as pain. The THC level, it contains is about 4 % – 10 %, while the CBD level is about 6 % – 15 %. The high CBD compound is the reason why this weed provides its users with a feeling of happiness without getting so much THC high. 

If you are experiencing depression as well as anxiety, then this weed is a good option for you. It will be a helpful weed in clearing the user’s mind and you will not be able to experience paranoia. 

  • Charlotte’s Web Strain

It is a largely CBD strain. It is considered as the good strain in alleviating depression, especially if you do not want to experience paranoia from THC. Some patients consume this weed for the reason of gaining the relief they need from the symptoms of depression. The CBD level it contains is about 15 % to 20 % and the THC is only 0.3 %. You will not be able to experience some psychoactive aftermaths. 

This weed is recommended for those marijuana patients who are seeking for a medicinal weed, but they are very sensitive when it comes to the use of THC. 

  • Pineapple Express Strain

It is a strain with the content of limonene. This weed is well known for its uplifting weed effect. It is also a kind of strain that was named after a movie that is comedy as it will give you the happiness that you desire. Hence, it is a good strain for depression. 

  • Cannatonic Strain

When you have depression, you will not be able to focus well and you might not always in a good mood. If you want to improve your mood and improve your focus as well, then you can try this strain. It will allow you in doing some tasks that you have a hard time finishing. 

  • XJ – 13 Strain 

If you are looking for other strains with properties that are uplifting, then you can try this kind of weed. You have to expect of getting an aroma that is citrus and pleasant. It will provide its users a euphoric high as well as an improvement of the environment as well. 

This weed is a good way of helping you when it comes to improving your mood. However, this is the only ideal for those weed users that are already experienced, users. This is a result of the combination between Sour Diesel as well as OG Kush. It will provide a high that is powerful and you will be able to forget some of the problems you have. 

This weed is different from Sour Kush because it does not provide a high that is powerful. However, it can give its users a relaxing body and mind. This is a good strain to take if you are not in the mood and you have a down feeling. 

Reminder in choosing a strain 

If you want to know the best strain for alleviating the depression you are experiencing right now, you have to discover the good strain for you. You can also try different kinds of strains above so that you will be able to know the suitable kind of strain for you. 

You have to take note that when you use marijuana as a remedy for depression, you should start trying with a low dose. In increasing the dose of the strain, it would be better for you to consult the people who are professional about it. Professional help is recommended, especially if you are new to the marijuana world. By this, you will be able to prevent some extreme negative effects. 


The above-mentioned strains are the 10 best strains for depression. All you need to do is to choose the strain that is good for you. For you to be able to choose a suitable strain for you, you have to know your preference and you have to understand the description of each strain listed above. Hence, you have to take note of those things you need to remember in choosing a good strain for alleviating depression. 


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