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10 Best Movies to Watch High With Your Stoner Squad | Crop King Seeds

10 Best Movies to Watch High with Your Stoner Squad

Watching movies is one in a million lists for a past time. Whenever you want to consume your desired cannabis, it is an extravagant feeling when you try to consume it while watching movies that would more trigger your highness. In this article, you will learn the best movies to watch high.

Best Movies to Watch High

The following stoner movies are just some of the movies in the world that is perfect for watching when you’re high.

1. Interstellar dated in 2014

The interstellar movie is about humanity and trying to save humanity by simply understanding the different physics of space and time. It gives people the ability to leave the planet. The movie’s plot is actually started on the idea of the wormholes that are being possible.

The wormhole is a shortcut between the two points we have in the universe. This movie is based on Thorne’s researches and equation about the black holes. Indeed, it is one of the best movies to watch high.

2. Inception dated in 2010

The inception movie Revolves in the main character ‘’ Dom Cobb’’ an extractor and a thief that invades its targets dream by inducing a chemical that is shared dream state of being able to steal important information to its targets.

Wealthy business people commission Cobb because of his reputation as an extractor. The film also turns on Cobb’s characters’ attempt to move past to its boundaries of the technologies around to plant or manipulate ideas to its targets dreams. Cobb became hot in terms of business transactions of business people and got every client to look up for him.

3. Oblivion dated in 2013

Oblivion is a movie back in 2013 that is set in the year 2077. This movie oblivion has a very little amount of meaning when it comes to the movie set itself, but it has a lot of special effects that are an extravaganza. This movie also has a blatant symbolism. This movie is about a political allegory that talks about the lowly technician that is sent unmanned drones just to hunt and to kill demonized people or the aliens.

4. Napoleon Dynamite dated in 2004

It is an American comedy movie. Napoleon Dynamite is a kid that is a socially awkward child at that age in 16. This movie focuses on a kid that suddenly decides to hand a helping hand to his friends to win the class presidency in their class.

Napoleon Dynamite is an unpopular student in their school, a typical student that is unknown and does not have a lot of friends and is known as someone that is a weirdo that just wanted to belong to the school or fit in.

5. Reefer Madness dated in 1936

Reefer Madness is an old American movie that talks about drugs that revolve around students and drug pushers. Drug pushers try to lure high school students into using marijuana.

This movie is actually filmed or made to show to all parents out there an example of a morality tale talking about the effects of the use of cannabis and the danger it has to the one that is involved. It made a really big impact on all the parents that have watched this movie by simply making their children be on the right track.

6. Brazil dated in 1985

The movie ‘’Brazil’’ talks about a highly structured bureaucratic state that the government in that state installed extremely high counterproductive measure that serves something that would track down the terrorists.

In the movie, a bug mixes up the last name of a terrorist to that of an innocent man. A person was assigned to check for the error on the system in the case of Buttle.

7. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure dated in 1989

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is an American comedy science fiction movie wherein two crack heads traveled through time just to make or assemble a menagerie of the historical figures for their past high school history presentation.

This film was actually shot and filmed in Phoenix. Arizona in the Metropolitan area. When it comes to the characters, Bill and Ted were created, and they are played by actors Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon in the improve theater, the original Bill and Ted.

8. Step Brothers dated in 2008

Step Brothers is an American comedy film that focuses on two immature and childish adults that are living together. Both the parents of these two got only one parent, and later on, their parents met and got married, living both of these adult men to become stepbrothers.

These two despise each other because of both interfering with their own lifestyles. They always find something to argue about until their parents have grounded them and that they should find their own jobs within a month or else they should leave the house.

9. Super Bad dated in 2007

This film is a comedy film that revolved into the life of two teenagers that is about to graduate in high school. Evan and Seth are both seniors in high school and have been best friends ever since they are young. Both of them are about to go to different colleges after they graduated in high school.

Both of these men go to a party together with their partners. Before going to a party, they could not get alcohol due to their fake ID’s and later on, Seth was hit by a car, but in exchange that Seth and Evan stay silent, the rider promises them to bring them into another party where they can get alcohol.

10. How High dated in 2001

How high is an American comedy film that talks about cannabis users that are visited by their friend that is already dead after they have used cannabis? Ivory was their deceased friend, and Silas used his remains or his ashes to make as a fertilizer for his marijuana. The two friends are sitting in a parking lot waiting to take their THC exams for their college.

After all the both have discovered the new set of marijuana of Silas, and they are excited to try them. The new batch of Silas marijuana summons the soul of their friend Ivory. The ghost of Ivory becomes their cheating material in their quizzes and exams in school. Ivory tells them all of the answers, and they both got every question right.


Now you are ready to watch the best movies to watch high. There is no denying that there are a lot of movies out there, but we assure you that when you watch these movies, you won’t be disappointed. Watch and chill with your cannabis.


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