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How to Handle Bad Trip on Weed?

How to Handle Bad Trip on Weed

There were times when you experience weed sessions alone or with friends when you suddenly experience unusual effects caused by weed? Out of nowhere, you think that the effects have gone that far to the point that you’re experiencing extreme anxiety, fear, and paranoia. This only means you’re experiencing a bad trip on weed. These cases are often experienced when your consumption has exceeded your tolerance or when the strain you’re consuming is beyond what your body can take. Should it worry you? Of course!

You see, bad trip on weed is very common these days considering the progression of its legality across the globe whether the use is for recreational or medical purposes. People tend to overdo the consumption method because of the availability and of course, the effects can somehow lure you to do something more fun. In this article, we will provide tips or immediate actions to deliver when you or a friend experiences a bad trip on weed. Nothing beats someone who knows what to do when all the fun marijuana brings has gone too far!

Retain Normal Breathing 

The first and most important thing to do is to stay calm. We all know that it’s easier said than done but, staying calm will help you focus on normalizing your breathing. Anxiety and fear cause tight chests because of the abnormal breathing it delivers. As much as possible, breathe on a paper bag or listen to breathing exercises often used in performing yoga. It’s easier to follow the pacing this way considering the clarity of sense of hearing when a person is under the influence of marijuana. Stay calm and focused. Don’t twist your head much sideways and focus on a single element within a room and practice breathing. 

Keep an Extra CBD

Nothing beats the calming effects that CBD cannabinoid compound brings. Always keep an extra stash of CBD regardless of what form is available. This will help in outweighing the overconsumption of THC in the body. It would be best if it is something you can chew on such as edible gummies or candies. Smoking them might just worsen your breathing considering the sense of panic experienced. This is the perfect remedy in case of an emergency, especially experiencing a bad trip on weed. Besides, it wouldn’t be that bad to be ready in cases when your session alone or with friends gets a little bit out of hand.  

Munch on Sugar 

According to a study that was conducted in 2013 published by The American Journal of Medicine, they evaluated how weed reacts to glucose or insulin. They conducted a survey involving over 4,600 adults that lasted from early 2005 until 2010. The results have shown that people who consume weed are more likely to experience low blood sugar levels. This is an impressive result considering the number experiencing type 2 diabetes. With that in mind, munching on sugar will surely help in managing your sugar levels. Besides, if normal consumption of weed results to low sugar levels, imagine the sugar levels of a person who has overdone marijuana consumption. 

Chug Natural Juices 

If you have juicy fruits inside your fridge such as orange, lemon, watermelon, strawberries, and raspberries, you’re in luck. Experiencing a bad trip on weed can be relieved by drinking natural juices from fruits. Apart from the benefit that it will leave you hydrated, these fruits contain limonene which is often found in different marijuana strains. Studies state that limonene can relieve the underlying symptoms of anxiety. More than just quenching your thirst due to dry mouth, it can also help during cases of extreme anxiety. Considering that dry mouth is one of the adverse effects of marijuana consumption, staying hydrated by chugging natural fruit juices will surely help. 

Run a Cold Bath 

Another option on the list is running a cold bath. Just like when you’re pumped or wasted, running a cold bath to handle a bad trip on weed surely helps. Studies have stated that this is called the mammalian diving reflex. This explains how the heart rate reduces when exposed to cold environments or when you have eaten something cold. When you are exposed to cold water while experiencing a bad trip, it helps in preserving your oxygen levels, conserves your energy, and reduction in body temperature. 

Eat Ice Cream 

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Even when you’re in the middle of a crisis, nothing beats the effects of ice cream to both mind and body. It is the comfort food of many in cases of anxiety and depression. Considering that the base of any ice cream flavor has a decent amount of sugar, it helps in normalizing your lowered sugar levels when marijuana is consumed. Also, ice cream is, of course, served at relatively low temperatures. The cooling sensation it brings relaxes the nerves and manages the heart rate of a person. Don’t forget to keep a tub of ice cream in your freezer every session you have alone or with friends. Not just because of cases of emergency, but as well as to satisfy your cravings too when you’re high. 

Prevention is Better than Cure 

The best way to handle a bad trip on weed is by knowing how to manage weed consumption. Not because you have tried heavy buzzing marijuana strains before doesn’t necessarily mean you are not at risk of experiencing a bad trip. Marijuana is more enjoyable when you know how to use it and when you remain a responsible marijuana consumer. Know the limits of your body. Do not consume marijuana more than what your body is capable of inducing. 


A bad trip on weed is very common these days to the point where some cases are left unmanaged. With all these tips that can help you handle it, it remains best to perform preventive measures. Let’s not overuse the availability of marijuana not because it can be the greatest risk that your body will experience but let’s not give the local government a reason for it to be banned again. Besides, it’s better to enjoy marijuana when the adverse effects are minimal.


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