Feminized Mix Marijuana Seeds

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Feminized Mix Marijuana Seeds is a pack of only the most potent feminized cannabis strains available. If you can’t decide on what strain you want to grow, this Feminized Mix is your best choice. These strains are easy to grow, with high germination rates. You can start germinating your seeds immediately as soon as you get home.

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More About Feminized Mix

With so many awesome feminized marijuana strains in the market, which one should you grow? Don’t worry because we got your back with our favorite Feminized Mix pack. This is a pack of randomly hand-picked, unlabelled, top-quality feminized cannabis strains from our product line that will give you the best yields and ease when it comes to growing.

Our Feminized Mix pack can be grown indoors or outdoors, but we recommend a safe and secure indoor growing area. This is a mix of seeds with indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. We just want to give you the best-feminized seeds in our library! You will love our selection of fem seeds because you can get THC content from as low as 12.1% to 27.15%! You won’t find any mixed feminized seeds variety with this much potency!

With this mix pack, you don’t need to tire yourself out in choosing the best fem strains. Our seeds come from our network of quality breeders from Spain, Canada, and the Netherlands, and thus, you can be sure of your plants’ potency, viability, and great taste.

Feminized strains are the easiest to grow. You don’t need to wait for the flowering phase to identify male plants in your garden. You can confidently grow just the number of plants you need with no more compensating for male plants. And because you don’t have any males in the pack, you can forget about separating plants and worrying about rouge males and accidental pollination.

If you’re looking for something new and you don’t want the hassles of picking from different strains, then our Feminized Mix Pack is the best choice for you. We recommend our fem fatale pack to first-time growers because we have carefully selected our strains, which are the easiest to grow. When these seeds are grown in the best environment, you can expect anywhere from 450 to 500 grams of yield per plant.

If you’re an experienced grower, you’ll surely find this a challenge growing a mixed pack of seeds. You can get 10 to 25 seeds per pack, and thus, you can grow ten, twenty, or 25 plants in your indoor or outdoor garden.

12 reviews for Feminized Mix Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Sanya Broersen

    Sanya Broersen

    First time grower, delivery was so fast and discreet. Great customer service. She is so kind! Will order again and again..Trust only this seed company.

  2. Avatar for Jim Danielson

    Jim Danielson

    Totally impressed. When I started to plant, I had experience some problems, maybe my mistake, maybe over watering or what. But this strain still made to stand and survived. Over all, it was an amazing plant. Make sure to follow the correct steps in growing!Will buy again!

  3. Avatar for Nivi Nielsen

    Nivi Nielsen

    4/5. All are in their perfect growing. Cant wait to harvest and get stoned. Super exited. Will buy for more, and will try other strains too.

  4. Avatar for Ratimir Vidaković

    Ratimir Vidaković

    I chose the perfect strain for me. I had a great experience on its growth. Buds are amazing. Will order for more!

  5. Avatar for Tracy Glidden

    Tracy Glidden

    At first I was hesitant to try this strain, but when I talked to Customer Service, I ordered 2 packs for me to try. Staff are very kind to give information and give a brief description. Thanks to you! Will start the grow. Yey!

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