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Assessing the Quality and Condition of Marijuana Seeds | Crop King Seeds

Assessing the Quality and Condition of Marijuana Seeds

Quality and Condition of Marijuana Seeds

Before you decide to buy marijuana seeds, you should be able to determine which are quality ones and which are not. Basically, there are plenty of factors you can use to be able to assess the quality and condition of marijuana seeds.

How to determine canada seeds of high quality?

Marijuana seeds are often placed in marijuana bags. Hence, to be able to assess the quality of your purchased seeds, you will need to assess the bag first. Such factors include:

• Fluff – this is the measure of how big your bag looks. Usually, quality bags with quality seeds have a fluffy bud which springs back once a slight pressure is placed in it. Also, those dense pots, when combined with high crystallization and potency, could provide a huge amount of THC is a short period of time.
• Maturity – often, premature marijuana seeds canada have a poor germination success rate. Hence, you need to choose seeds which are not immature, as they could only cost you time and money in the process. You can spot premature seeds as they have a greenish or grey luster along with a soft shell.
• Size – quality seeds are often larger in size when compared to poor quality ones. Other than that, they also have a dark brown color and have a hard coat.
• Type – other than the maturity, you should also consider the type of marijuana you want to purchase. There are some varieties which are good for indoor growing, while some grow best outdoors.

Which seed is best for you? 

Marijuana seeds are categorized into two – indica and sativa. There are growers who would prefer sativa seeds since the plants that are produced from such strain have a higher cerebral high effect. Meanwhile, thus who grow indica plants are after their relatively quick and easy maturity and growth rate.


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