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Are Feminized Marijuana Seeds GMO? | Crop King Seeds

Are Feminized Marijuana Seeds GMO?

Feminized Seeds GMO

Feminized marijuana seeds refer to the types of seeds that are only set to produce female marijuana plants. However, there is some misunderstanding about feminized marijuana seeds, hermaphrodites, as well as marijuana as a whole that needs to be addressed. Unlike complicated organisms, a marijuana plant is not just one sex, or the other. It is a very special plant because it is considered as an annual plant. It can also produce separate male and female flowers on various plants. However, every plant has the capability to produce flowers in the opposite sex depending on the circumstances.

Earlier feminized marijuana seeds were usually made through the combination of two female marijuana plants. One is often identified with hermaphrodite tendencies, which means that it is prone to producing male marijuana flowers when stressed. This prone plant will become stressed with the interruption of light cycle or pruning, while being encouraged to produce male flowers. The disadvantage to the procedure involved is that the female marijuana donors where plants that are prone to becoming intersexual. As a result, this may easily become inherited by the other seeds that are also produced this way.

Genetically Modified?

Using various forms of silver, these female plants come with a very small tendency of becoming intersexual, that is, plants that can stay female even under irregular, harsh, and stressful conditions. As a result, they may result to producing male marijuana plants. This only means that the offspring do not have the tendency to turn intersexual. Intersexuality is a vital part of the genome.

Each particular marijuana plant that is being used to create feminized marijuana seeds is not genetically modified. This is because there are no genes that are removed or added. More than anything else, the parent marijuana plants can be physically modified with the use of silver. With this process, the seeds are produced in a very special way, that is, through the natural means of pollination.

All of the marijuana plants that are grown using feminized strains will be expected to turn out female. Even though there is a continuing issue regarding the existence of hermaphrodites, this situation is very rare these days. All of the feminized marijuana seeds that are sold in most reliable seed banks are typically as stable when compared to the regular type of marijuana seeds. New techniques in producing feminized seeds, as well as an intensive, and multi phase breeding programs provide the assurance that the feminized marijuana seeds of today are completely stable, very productive and consistent.

The topic as to whether feminized marijuana seeds are genetically modified is considered as a conspiracy and an ongoing argument at the same time. This is because it seems that it is impossible to come up with all-female plants. However, reality dictates that it is not just the technical aspects involved in genetic modification that matters, Even though there may be some GMO seeds that are being sold these days, it does not mean that all feminized marijuana seeds are genetically modified.


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