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Why Not Buy Marijuana Seeds from Your Local Dispensaries | Crop King Seeds

Why Not Buy Marijuana Seeds from Your Local Dispensaries

Although marijuana seeds can be sourced from your your local dispensaries, it is still a good idea to make your purchase of seeds online from a reliable seed bank because of the various choices that these online seed shops can offer when it comes to weed strains. Buying pot seeds from local seed retailers may not give you an assurance on the quality. Also, you can find cheaper but high quality marijuana seeds from online seed banks, cheaper than what you can buy from local dispensaries because these seed banks do not have to pay for maintaining a physical store, the rent, staff wages and other expenses.

Where to buy marijuana seeds?
Marijuana seeds can be bought from your local dispensaries and other local seed sources. However, buying pot seeds within your local area will give you only a few options of cannabis strains. For several marijuana strain choices, buy from seed banks and other marijuana online stores. Choose a reliable seed source so you don’t have to worry about seed quality and your security. These seed banks will make sure of maintaining discreteness and privacy from ordering until the delivery of your seed order.

What are the advantages of buying marijuana seeds from online seed banks?
Buying marijuana seeds online from seed banks is always a good idea if you want to be presented with various choices of different sativa, indica and hybrid cannabis strains. Seed banks are also offering award-winning marijuana seeds which you can seldom find in local seed retailers. Auto-flowering and feminized marijuana seeds are also being offered by seed banks. By buying marijuana seeds online from a trusted seed bank, you can be sure of quality and high germination rate if proper technique is used. You can also get the best deal in prices online because many seed banks are offering free pot seeds or free shipping when you make an order from their website.


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