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The Most Suitable Climate Zones for Marijuana Seeds | Crop King Seeds

The Most Suitable Climate Zones for Marijuana Seeds

The Most Suitable Climate Zones for Marijuana Seeds

On what climates do Marijuana seeds and plants grow best?

Since most of the cannabis plants are dependent on the photoperiod, these plants would grow best in the tropical and Mediterranean climate where light and dark cycles seem to be evident. Because outdoor growing tends to be better than the indoor, this gives growers the idea that it would be best to grow in such type of climates. Growers of Marijuana plants know the very benefits of having these kinds of herbs grow in their natural environment. In their natural environment, plants tend to be more resistant to any pests and molds.

Is it possible for Marijuana plants to grow during cold seasons?

Indeed, it is very possible for Marijuana plants to grow during cold season. The special seeds that are most adaptable to the cold season are the auto flowering seeds. As growers, you should be using these kinds of seeds in order to still be able to produce a good yield during the planting season. Knowing which kinds of seeds to grow in every season is a must in order for growers not to end up with a bad harvest at the end.

Is it important for growers to know which seeds to plant?

Indeed, as growers of Marijuana plants, it is a must to know which marijuana seeds would grow best in what type of season. In doing so, you would know what other extra care would be best to grow health Marijuana plants. Not only that, you would also be able to save money, time and effort from having to cultivate again and again. In knowing the very basics of Marijuana planting, surely it would become a lot easier for you to plant in the near future yielding the best weed and medicinal herbs that you can use to cure your ailments.


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