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Marijuana Seeds Cross Breeding for Hybrids | Crop King Seeds

Marijuana Seeds Cross Breeding for Hybrids

Cross Breeding for Hybrids

A hybrid is referred to a type of marijuana plant which was created from two different strains. Generally, most of the strains sold in the market these days are hybrid strains. Also, cross breeding marijuana seeds to create hybrids isn’t just only about sativa/indica cross, but can be two different strains of the same type.

Why are the advantages of cross breeding your marijuana seeds?

The main advantage of hybrids is that they are generally huge in size and the length of time to wait before harvest is relatively shorter. Generally, Indicas are smaller and have shorter time needed to grow, thus they are often cross bred with Sativas in order to shorten the waiting time significantly. Other than that, the effects and the high provided between the two types aren’t the same, thus cross breeding is used to combine the best of them both.

How do you cross breed various strains?

Before you even consider cross breeding, you should know first the basics and the fundamentals of marijuana seeds growing. Here are some essential steps that you have to follow to create the best hybrids possible:

1. Pick a male plant with good enough characteristics. A good way to tell a good male plant is to rub the stem using your finger then check out if it smells of resin.

2. A single branch of male flowers will supply the needed pollens. It is best to strip away any other branches, then isolate them from the females once flowers start showing.

3. Once pollen pods open, place a clean paper bag over the branch for collecting pollens.

4. After collecting enough pollen, secure the bag and then place in a cool dry place.

5. When the female plant has pistils appearing, you then have to cover the branch with the pollen bag.

6. Leave the bag for several days to ensure fertilization, and after the fertilization process the seeds will then be ripe within 3 to 6 weeks.


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