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Making Your Own Feminized Marijuana Seeds | Crop King Seeds

Making Your Own Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Making Your Own Feminized Marijuana

As growers of Marijuana seeds, you should know the exact seeds that you should be using in your very own cultivation. It is also best to know what you want from your marijuana plant before purchasing them. Truth be told, different seeds have different respective traits. Among the many different kinds of seeds of Marijuana, the feminized ones are one of the most popular seeds for the special trait that it has. Nowadays, many Marijuana growers use this kind of feminized seeds.

What are feminized seeds?

Feminized seeds are found to be the newest kind of Marijuana seeds. In this new way of breeding, this will make it possible for you to breed only female plants. This will save you time from having to plant normal seeds of Marijuana and having to segregate the male from female plants after wards. This is done through the process of hermaphroditic breeding making it possible to only produce female plants.

Is it possible to make your own feminized seeds?

Definitely, it is very possible for you to make your own feminized seeds. How is this then done? The secret for creating your own feminized seeds is the substance called colloidal silver. When plants are exposed to this substance during the early stage of flowering, the exposed parts will grow pollen sacs making it possible for the plant to be fully female. The pollen produced in these pollen sacs will then pollinate female plants. Since the pollen originally came from female plants, it will then now be possible for you to have feminized seeds.

In what ways can you get Colloidal Silver?

There are actually three ways in order to get hold of colloidal silver to produce feminized seeds. First is to buy ready-to-use colloidal silver. Next would be to buy a colloidal silver generator kit. Lastly, you can make your own.


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