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Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Sacramento | Crop King Seeds

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Sacramento

Medical marijuana is legal in Sacramento, California. This all started in July 1975, when Governor Jerry Brown enacted Senate Bill 95. This bill reduced the penalty for marijuana possession of an ounce or less to citable misdemeanor. In November 1996, California became the first USA state to legalize medical marijuana when the vote reached 57% for Proposition 215. It was further decriminalized by Senate Bill 1449 which was signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You can order marijuana seeds in Sacramento from your local suppliers but if you want to get high quality marijuana strains then you can order online. Sacramento has limited access to high quality marijuana seeds that come in very reasonable prices. If you buy online, you can actually choose from a wide array of options and the prices are competitive.

Where to order marijuana seeds online with delivery to Sacramento?

You can order marijuana seeds from us and we will ship your seeds to Sacramento. We are a Vancouver based marijuana seed company and we offer discreet worldwide delivery of our marijuana seeds.

As you can see, we only carry a few strains. This is because we only sell high quality marijuana strains. We travel the world to find high quality marijuana breeders and if their strain won’t pass our standard then they won’t get the chance to get sold in our website.

Do you offer discreet packaging of marijuana seeds for Sacramento?

Yes of course. Just because you are in California, we still need to ship your seeds discreetly. This is because it is not legal to import seeds to USA and all countries in the world. The seeds will be shipped inside discreet packaging like wallet, tampon, or sex toy.

For more information, please contact us now. We are open 24/7 with our phone, live website chat and email.


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