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How to Smoke Shatter Without a Rig?

How to Smoke Shatter Without a Rig?

If you have not tried smoking a shatter yet, then you still have a lot of chance to purchase or make your rig or dabbing rig. Shatter is considered as one of the most potent and the purest forms of cannabis extract. You can purchase it through dispensaries either at a brick and mortar store or at an online dispensary. 

A shatter is similar to CBD or THC concentrate or oil. It resembles the appearance of honey because of its glass-like translucence with an amber hue because of the very high terpene amount coming from the extracted cannabis oil. 

If you have not tried smoking shatter and learn how to smoke shatter without a rig so that you can experience the one-of-a-kind high while channeling your inner MacGyver. 

If you are searching for cannabis oil or concentrate that can provide you that intense euphoria and high without getting overwhelmed, then shatter should be your go-to cannabis product. 

Shatter is considered to be the purest form of oil or concentrate that is extracted from cannabis. So, how do you smoke shatter? 

Different ways to smoke shatter without a rig

You do not have a rig? No problem because there are a lot of ways to smoke shatter than just using a rig. It is not entirely necessary to consume this luxury cannabis product with a rig because stoners are known to improvise in any given situation, place, or time. 

Use a bowl 

Smoking shatter by using a bowl regardless if it is a spoon, a bubbler, or a bong, you can easily smoke it this way. First, you have to fill the bowl half with a cannabis flower until it is half full. Next, you start collecting a dab of shatter using your dabber and proceed on adding it to your bowl of cannabis flowers of your choice. Then, start packing the rest of your bowl. Dropping the dab of shatter halfway is important so that you won’t burn the shatter by directly putting flame on it. This causes the quality of the shatter to burn out while the THC will just evaporate in the air. By packing it half full, smoking the shatter will surely burn it the proper way without igniting the entire bowl or the shatter itself directly. What makes this method great is that it is very simple to do. As long as you have the proper things on your side, then you are surely good to go! Shatter will complement and add more quality to an average weed that you pour on your bowl, so don’t worry about using a particular weed for this method. 

Roll a joint 

Nothing beats the most basic and the most old-school way of smoking weed—that is rolling a joint. This can also be used to smoke shatter. All you need for this method is, of course, your shatter, your weed, your preferred rolling paper, and your crutch. The method is very simple; you can start by laying out your rolling paper and your crutch. The next step is to start spreading some weed on the rolling paper just like what you do when you roll a joint. Then, proceed in applying a dab of shatter on the weed. Another way of smoking shatter through a joint is by rolling the shatter is to apply it slowly in a line and place it in the middle of your joint. Just make sure that in washing your hands after you touch the shatter and before you roll your joint because these are very sticky. Lastly, after properly putting weed on the rolling paper and applying the shatter, start rolling it. Just be careful though because shatter is very sticky. 

Use a vape pen

If you happen to have a vape pen, then you can easily apply the shatter inside its chamber, however, if you haven’t tried it yet, you have to secure a vape pen most importantly along with your cartridge and battery. Vape pens are always available at dispensaries and are usually sold in a kit that includes the atomizer and mouthpiece. It is very convenient to use this method in smoking shatter without a rig. All you need to do is to attach the cartridge by screwing it into your vape pen’s battery and you can start taking a hit after that. If you are planning to vape your shatter instead of buying a shatter cartridge, you must have a pen that comes with a separate atomizer that you can easily access. 

Here are the proper steps that you follow in smoking a shatter through your vape pen. 

  • Collect a dab of shatter by using your dabber. 
  • Detach the atomizer from your vape pen’s battery chamber and start dabbing the shatter on the coil while it is not hot yet. (Prevent your dabber from touching the coil directly). 
  • Turn the battery on through your switch or button until small lights are flickering to signal that your vape pen is already turned on. 
  • Attach the atomizer to your vape pen’s battery chamber. 
  • Attach your vape pen’s mouthpiece to your atomizer.
  • Now, start pressing the button and hold it so that it will start heating the dab of shatter on the coil inside. 
  • Use the mouthpiece by placing your lips on it and start drawing slowly. Do not inhale too fast as this can lower the heat and will not produce enough vapor. 
  • Just inhale slowly so that you can maximize the vapor it produces. 

Using health stone

If you are not familiar with what health stone is; this is a type of glass that has the similarities of volcanic rock because of its porous consistency. This is mainly used for smoking shatter and pair it with a pipe or bong. Usually, the stone is placed in the surface area of the bowl of your bong or pipe. Sometimes, the health stone serves as the bowl of your pipe or bong itself as several

people have tried testing health stones smoking dab by placing it on the bottom part of their bong or pipe’s nails. Regardless of how you aim the health stone or position it when you smoke the shatter, you should always point it or channel it to your mouthpiece. Also, health stones are always available online

Use a hot knife

If you want to go the simplest way, then hot knives are the perfect way for you. You can enjoy your shatter without requiring a lot of materials and tools. This is also very ideal for your nightly sessions if you do not have access to a butane torch or a vape pen because you can easily smoke it without any difficulties. All you need is a simple butter knife or a kitchen knife and of course your shatter. Just apply a dab of your shatter on the knife and start heating it with your lighter. Once the dab starts to vaporize, you can start inhaling the smoke easily. It may sound very wasteful knowing that you are not using a mouthpiece or a pipe, however, you can always improvise by using a funnel, or a straw. You can also use an empty pen tube to inhale all the smoke. 

Use it as an ingredient for edibles

Shatter is also used as an ingredient for various edibles that you can enjoy especially if you don’t want to smoke it. Try incorporating it with your preferred cooking ingredient for your edibles. It may take time for you to feel the high compared to smoking it, however, you can experience a longer-lasting high that is way stronger than smoking. This is because you ingested the shatter which directly goes to your bloodstream after your digestive system starts breaking it down and process it after you have eaten or drank your edibles. You can cook a lot of cannabis dishes that include shatters as one of its recipes including pastries, drinks, and other food items.

Use your car’s electric lighter

This may sound extreme, but if you have no other materials to use in smoking your shatter without a rig, then you can always use your car’s electric lighter. This is very practical especially if you are stuck in traffic or stuck in your car for hours especially if you are traveling somewhere far. This is not recommended though because there are hazards posed in this kind of method. This may also cause accidents especially if you are smoking your shatter while driving. However, for the benefit of everyone, here are some of the steps you need to follow when using your car’s electric lighter in smoking your shatter. Of course, the first step is to heat your car’s electric lighter until it is hot enough when it starts to glow. The next step is to place a small dab of shatter on top of the glowing hot coil of the electric lights and start smoking the vapor coming from it. You should use a straw or a funnel so that you won’t waste the vapor from it. It may sound so easy; however, it is completely dangerous because holding the lighter with your bare hands while you try to apply the shatter through your dabber is the perfect recipe for an accident. Unless you are extra careful. So, this is for those 

Use aluminum foil

Another extreme way to smoke shatter without a rig is by using aluminum foil. Since aluminum foil is a highly crude material, you can make an improvised dab pipe from it so that you can smoke your shatter and other hash oil with ease. While you are getting high by using aluminum foil as your improvised smoking device, this is not suitable for your health because there are a lot of health hazards when you put an aluminum foil to a fire. 

What are the advantages of using any of these methods? 

For obvious reasons, you will surely save a lot of money because a rig usually costs expensive in many dispensaries while some people make their rig. Also using any of the methods that are detailed above are very convenient since most of the stuff that is needed is always available. 

It is also very easy to prepare and to smoke your shatter. However, not all these methods are applicable and safe especially when you use aluminum foil, your car lighter, or a butter knife because these are all prone to accidents especially if you are too reckless. 

What are the benefits if you use a rig? 

There is a valid reason why rigs cost that much. It is because you can maximize the tool properly where no smoke is wasted. It has the proper mechanism of vaporizing the shatter. It also has the proper structure of the smoking device which is completely convenient to use. And of course, it is safe. 

So, why not invest in buying a rig for yourself? Especially if you are a hardcore stoner. There are cheaper and more affordable rigs available online if your nearest dispensary sells expensive rigs. All you need is a little research. 

Also, you can make your rig. There are tons of DIY rigs online that you can follow. It will surely provide you a step-by-step guide in making a rig in your home using highly available materials that you can easily find in your home. 

Lastly, shatter is meant to be used with appropriate smoking devices, so as much as possible, smoke it using your preferred smoking device or a rig perhaps so that you can fully enjoy the experience and the euphoria it brings. 

Final words

The mentioned ways of how to smoke shatter without a rig are very simple and easy to do, however, not all of them are suitable, especially if you are a newbie in cannabis smoking. So, if you are very eager to try all of it, just be cautious especially when you are about to try the not so recommended methods because you might be putting yourself in danger. Nonetheless, you have to improvise and find a way to enjoy cannabis regardless of your situation, so go ahead and have fun!


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