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Hash vs Weed: How are They Different? | Crop King Seeds

Hash vs Weed: How are They Different?

Hash and weeds are not far different from others because both cause something, and both are used. Hash and marijuana are containing the same main ingredient, such as the young leaves and flower tops of a cannabis plant. Learn about hash vs weed in this article by reading below.

Facts About Hash vs Weed

  • Hash is the cannabis that is usually a product that is composed of the co, impressed preparations of the stalked resin glands in the cannabis that is called trichomes. While in weed, it came from dried and cured female flowers that are used for psychoactive medicine and drug use. 
  • In ingestion, the hash is commonly ingested by vaporizing, eating, or smoking. Weeds, on the other hand, are ingested through pipes, bongs, cigarettes, and wraps.
  • Informs the hash is semi-solid, or it might be inconsistent. The weeds are cured flowers and dried in appearance and in its consistency.
  • In cultivation, the hash is cultivated by separating the gland hairs from the marijuana plant and compressing it to be dense using heat. The weeds are cultivated by cannabis drying the stems, buds, and flowers of a marijuana plant to be consumed.


It is a cannabis extract made by separating resins from the buds. Harnish hash for short is derived from the word “kief” which means “dried resins”.

Here are the facts about hash:

  • A hash is usually harvested by simply collecting the powder resins from cannabis either by mechanical beating or by hands.
  •  A hash can be pliable and soft, or it may be brittle and stiff. The colors of a hash may vary depending on how it is made. 
  • Hash may be seen in blonde, yellow, red, black, brown, and green depending on how it was made. Surprisingly, a hash can be safely used in cooking, such as it can be a substitute for cream, oil, and butter. 
  • It is exciting how hash can be made into food, just like brownies. Imagine how much more if more experiments were done in a hash, then more things must be discovered. 


It basically refers to dried cannabis. A weed is a basic plant that has been derived from cannabis plants. It came from the dried leaves, stems, seeds, flowers, and buds of a cannabis plant. 

Here are the facts about weed:

  • There are a lot of names that are called weeds such as weed itself, grass, Mary Jane, skunk, ganja, reefer, and pot a lot of names right. 
  • The weed is commonly and regularly smoked or consumed through joints, blunts, infused to food and drinks, or through a water pipe that is called “bong”. 
  • Other drugs may be added into a marijuana plant such as heroin and cocaine that can absolutely increase the possible risk factors and side effects of the drug.

Comparing and Differentiating Hash Vs Weed 

Let’s compare hash vs weed depending on potency, preparation, uses, appearance, and effects.


The potency of hash and weeds are different. The hash is much more potent than the weed. Hash is more potent than the weeds knowing that it is compacted with tons of trichomes that usually reach up to 60% of THC while the weeds are only half of it.


A hash is prepared in a lot of ways rather than the weeds. In preparing hash, you only wait approximately 10 to 15 minutes before having it. Weeds, on the other hand, must be grassed for about 10 to 16 weeks.

Hash Preparation

The way a hash is prepared is much more complicated than the weed.

Here’s how:

  • The first method of making a hash is through dry Ice or cold. 
  • The knocking action rendered in the cannabis plant by the dry ice results in the falling of trichomes on the bottom of the drum used. 
  • After that, the trichomes are scraped off to put together. Another method is through warm pressing. 
  • Warm press the cannabis plant by using heat and constantly rubbing the knife for a long period of time using the bare hands. The warm pressing is commonly done in places like morocco.

Weed Preparation

A weed or marijuana has a very strong odor, and the colors vary from green, orange, grey-green, and purple. When a cannabis plant is ready to be harvested, the stems, flowers, leaves, and buds are collected to be dried up. After drying, you can now crumble the heads of the dried marijuana to divide into pieces.


Hash and weeds usually had some common things when consuming. Both can be smoked and vaporized. In differences, weed uses wraps, pipes, and bongs to smoke it.


In flavor, both hash and weed had the most differences. Wherein the hash tends to be more complex, spicy, and rich in flavor. Weeds tend to have more herbal, fruity flavors, aromatic and fresh than the hash.


Smoking weeds can cause negative effects on the body of users, the building of tar in the lungs that can cause cancer. In hash, it causes hallucinations and anxiety to users when consumed in large doses.


A hash is commonly seen as crumbly, hard and, a dry substance that usually comes with a brown or dark yellow color. Sometimes a hash can be seen oily and almost a black material. Weed, on the other hand, can be seen as a plant with seeds, stem, flower, leaves, and buds. Just a normal but strong plant.


The smell of a hash is not far from the scent of a weed, which is an earthy smell. While the weed smells like earthy too, but somewhat, it smells like a skunk.


The differences between hash vs weed come from different sources, but it does not matter. Whether you prefer to use hash or weed, you only come up with the same effect, which is satisfaction. The satisfaction you get to both hash or weed would not be the building blocks between a hash and a weed. Both bring an effect in different ways.


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