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Tips in Germinating and Growing Marijuana Seeds | Crop King Seeds

Guidelines in Germinating and Growing Marijuana Seeds for Newbies

Everyone wants to plant marijuana – that is a fact. Therefore the internet is packed with online websites selling marijuana seedlings for everyone. However, only those deal coming from Canada and other related countries are the reliable sources of seeds that are high in quality and strong enough to survive extreme environments. However, what should be considered first as a first time marijuana grower?

How Does Light Affect your Marijuana’s growth?

Your light is the trigger factor for photosynthesis. This means that it enables your marijuana seeds to eat well and produce food on their own. If you are planning on planting your cannabis plants indoor, then you could resort on having CFL bulbs for your lighting system. This is the type of lighting system that consumes less electricity but give off the right amount of light needed by your plant unlike for the traditional light bulbs.

What to Know about Your Planting Method?

Your planting method may be either, greenhouse, indoor or outdoor planting. There are certain marijuana seeds that are only conducive for a certain method. Therefore, as a first time grower, you would like to assess the availability of your resources and spaces before you adopt one planting method. Another thing, in this case, you should put in mind that the seeds you are going to buy. If they are only for a specific method, be sure that you have the necessary resources to make your plant’s survival possible.

Where to Find the Right seeds to buy?

This is the most important question before coming up into something. If you don’t have a retailer to get your marijuana seedlings from, then it is impossible for you to grow your own marijuana. Canada offers the best deals of marijuana so you have to make sure that you are looking at the right company to get maximum outcome.


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