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Bong vs Joint: Which Would You Prefer? | Crop King Seeds

Bong vs Joint: Which Would You Prefer?

Bong vs Joint Which Would You Prefer

For first-timers in smoking weed, they have a lot of questions that need concrete answers. It may sound so annoying, but you have to guide a fellow stoner the right way so that they won’t give everyone a bad impression. One of their most common questions is asking you which is better when it comes to bong vs joint

No worries though, if you are one of those that are caught between the decision in choosing bong or joint, you are not alone. There are a lot of stoners who want some answers regarding this matter. 

For this post, let us focus on differentiating bong and joint smoking rather than comparing it so that we can fully understand both of this aspect by aspect. 

Bong vs joint; which is better? 

Both have a different mechanism in smoking, but the bottom line is, both have the same purpose which is to inhale the smoke from the burnt marijuana plant. Inhaling it to your lungs to satisfy yourself from the euphoria it brings to an individual who is seeking the tranquility of mind and body. 

Of course, there are edibles and munchies where you can ingest weed, however, nothing can beat in inhaling that infamous smoke to your body. If you are not used to smoking then you should always do some research about the different methods of smoking weed especially smoking it through a bong or a joint because in the end there will always be a good side and a downside between the two. 

Bong and joint smoking are two of the most common and most popular methods of consuming cannabis. These are the most accessible way to smoke cannabis, and also, the best ways to maximize your smoking experience. 

The advantage and disadvantages of smoking with a bong

A bong is a very popular term you often heard in the world of cannabis. This is a type of smoking device that is also known as the bubbler, the billy, or the binger. This is a device that uses a water pipe in smoking weed. Bongs have already existed for centuries. The word bong is based on the Thai word called “baung” which means bamboo in the Thai language. Bamboo is commonly used in Thailand since its ancient time to smoke weed. 

Fast forward to 2020, bongs have become very sophisticated and very complex compared to its ancestor in Thailand. However, both have the same principles and processes of smoking weed. 

So, how does a bong work to smoke weed? There are various shapes and sizes of bongs while the very basic ones only use a bowl or a chamber. Meanwhile, other types of bongs have more aesthetics and colors to make it look more appealing to the user. 

Bongs have different sizes and shapes that you can imagine. Some have very basic appearance while some are just odd-looking or looks like works of art. 

Bong uses water to filter the smoke and cool it down in its water chamber. In general, bongs have a tiny circular bowl which is the holding place for the weed. This is where you burn or ignite the weed to produce smoke. When you start inhaling the good stuff, the water chamber of your bong or percolate in technical terms. As the smoke goes up it is filtered by the water before you can inhale it and goes into your lungs. 

So, here are the details you need to know about smoking weed through a bong. 

Advantages of smoking weed through a bong

  • It is reusable- Bongs can last a lifetime especially if you take care of it and not break it after several uses. Since bongs are usually made from glass, you should always take care of it so that it will serve its purpose for a long time. Bongs are completely reusable that is why it can cost you bucks.
  • It filters the smoke- Bongs are game-changers for those who want to smoke weed without the complications of smoking. Because of its water filtration mechanism, the smoke you are inhaling contains minimal hazardous materials compared to other methods of weed smoking. The filtration system first cools down the smoke for less throat irritation and aside from that, it filters a lot of harmful chemicals and ash that would have health complications in the long run. 
  • You can have bigger hits- If you are smoking from a bong, you should not be surprised if the bigger hits you can take compared to other methods of smoking. If you are new to smoking through a bong, you might get overwhelmed, but, on the brighter side, you can always control the amount of smoke that enters and gets filtered inside the bong. You can always take smaller hits if you want to since this is completely controllable in this kind of method in smoking weed. You can gradually adjust until you can take bigger hits. 
  • Convenient to clean- You can choose different types of bongs and different types of materials that it is made from. You can choose plastic aside from glass, or ceramic. However, the most common and the most convenient to use is the glass bong. The glass used for this is the material they called borosilicate or the type of glass used for laboratory purposes. You can easily clean and wipe a bong using a piece of cloth and rubbing alcohol. 
  • It is very artsy- Some bongs are made for aesthetics and you can already consider it a work of art. Also, bongs are not produced by machines. These are crafted by hand which makes it even special. You can choose bongs from different shapes and sizes from various people who make it with various inspirations and designs. Bongs are unique form each other depending on who makes it. Many cannabis connoisseurs collect bongs for personal satisfaction.

Disadvantages of smoking weed through a bong 

  • It causes the smoke to turn stale- As your bong starts to accumulate all the smoke in the water chamber, this also turns the smoke staler in just a few seconds. The staler the smoke, the harsher this will be to your lungs that is why you will experience excessive coughing which ruins your experience overall.
  • Prone to accidents- Since bongs have various sizes and shapes, not all are designed to be handy and portable that is why these types of bongs are very prone to tipping over and cause accidents. Also, there are tendencies that bongs that are overly-complicated in terms of design are prone to tip over and spill the water inside the chamber which has that just have that funky smell you don’t want to get on yourself or your carpet. 
  • Very fragile- Despite being thick enough, bongs are very prone to break because most bongs are made from glass. A lot of stoners tend to break their bongs especially if they are already high and cause them to slip their bongs off their hands. 
  • It needs frequent cleaning- Bongs needed to be cleaned more often because of the stored residue and the used water inside the chamber that will smell funky and will surely leave a stain that is pretty hard to remove. 
  • It brings less high- Because of the filtration process from the water chamber, a lot of chemicals including the THC, the psychoactive substance that makes you high with cannabis is also filtered leaving you less high. You need to smoke more to get higher. 

Advantages and disadvantages of smoking weed with joints

For most stoners, the best way to experience weed is to smoke it in a joint. The term joint is a slang used in the world of cannabis which means to smoke a weed using rolling paper, or smoking it like tobacco. Smoking weed with a joint is the way to slowly burn it and share it around with your buddies since weed is meant to be shared with your fellow stoners or buddies in weed culture. 

Joints even today are one of the most preferred ways to smoke weed because this is the classic way to enjoy it and the easiest method to smoke weed. All stoners have experienced smoking weed using a joint especially those who are saving up money for something. So, regardless if you tried smoking joint or not, or you love or hate it, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of joints. 

Just like a bong, there are some notable advantages and disadvantages that come with smoking a join which you have to know as well. 

Advantages of smoking weed with a joint

  • Cheap- Probably the cheapest way to smoke weed is just roll up a joint which is as easy as smoking a cigarette. All you need is a piece of rolling paper, your favorite strain of weed, your lighter or match and you are good to go. Compared to using vapes, pens, and rigs, nothing is cheaper than rolling a joint. This is also the traditional way to smoke weed. As a newbie in weed smoking, you should begin with smoking weed through a joint so that you can experience the OG way. 
  • Portable- Compared to bongs, a joint is completely portable. All you need is a rolling paper and your weed which needs a very small pack or container. You can bring it wherever and whenever you want. It will not require a lot of space in your backpack or baggage. 
  • You can get high easily- Since you are smoking the weed in its rawest form, you will surely get your desired high easily compared to bongs where you will get less high because of the filtration process in its water chamber. Smoking with a joint will get you straight high because of the purest form of smoke that comes from the burnt weed with no filter or anything that blocks all the good stuff from the joint. 
  • Always available- Rolling paper doesn’t need to be that expensive. All you need is a thin piece of paper that you can grab anywhere you are. You don’t need a special tool to roll a joint that is why it is highly available. There is a specific type of rolling paper that you can purchase online or at your preferred dispensary. 

Disadvantages of smoking weed with a joint

  • Highly toxic- Just like tobacco smoking, if you are smoking weed through a joint, you are not filtering out the harmful and toxic chemicals and substances that are present there because of the combusted weed. This can cause respiratory diseases and other ailments that are very common in smoking. 
  • It causes dental problems- Basically, smoking weed with a joint has the same side effects like cigarette smoking which causes a lot of dental problems such as gingivitis, the development of thicker plaques on your teeth, along with bleeding gums, yellowing of teeth, and bad breath. This does not include lung cancer, throat, and mouth cancer that is very common among chain smokers. 
  • It is very delicate- Since rolling papers are very thin, it is very easy to burn and can crumble quickly especially if it is passed along with a lot of people during a session. 
  • No filtration- Smoking cigarettes have a filter that does not entirely filter all of the substances that are not good for your health, but it’s better than none. However, smoking weed through a joint does not have a filter. You smoke it directly which makes you inhale all of the byproducts that can cause a lot of harm to your health. 


Regardless of which side you are taking on between bong vs joint, in the end, it is all about your personal preference. However, always remember that both smoking methods have their ups and downs so, you should choose carefully which of these two will go well with your limitations and your preferred smoking experience. Also, always remember to have fun, get high as you can, and never fail to share this great experience with the people you value the most!


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