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The Dummy Guide to Asexual Marijuana Seeds Propagation | Crop King Seeds

Asexual Marijuana Seeds Propagation: The Dummy Guide

Asexual Marijuana Seeds Propagation: The Dummy Guide

Cloning is also called asexual propagation since it does not need the male plant to propagate the cannabis plant. This is not really hard to do if the grower knows how to properly perform the method. Make sure that when you do this, you have all your equipments ready as the clone is prone to drying out.

What are the equipments needed to prepare for the cloning method?
Unlike planting the marijuana seeds canada, cloning needs more effort and equipments to use. These equipments or materials needed includes propagator with bottom heat, heat pad, thermostat controller, soil thermometer, perlite, large pots, rockwool, fine sprayer, sharp blade or sharp scissors, rooting gel or powder, cutting board, fluorescent lighting, small glass of water and identification labels.

What are the steps needed for the asexual marijuana seeds canada propagation?
First, you have to setup the perlite and the jiffy pots. Then choose a healthy branch from the mother plant that has been in the light for 18 hours. Make sure that the branch has hardened enough to be cut. Then take the cuttings and put in the water or humid environment until there are enough branches to process. It is important to prepare the cutting before planting.

It is important to get more chance of growing roots from the branch and one way to do this is by scarring the stem and dip in a rooting gel or powder. Another way is to put some rooting hormone from the cutting which can be purchased in the market. After dipping the clone in the root hormone, it is now ready to be planted. Those that are dipped into the gel or powder is already sealed and therefore needed to be planted right away. Pre-soak the rockwool in water with a 5.5 pH level. It is now ready to set the cuttings into the propagator tray. It is important to make sure that the wet perlite is at least 1 cm deep.


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