Where to Order Marijuana Seeds in Washington State

Marijuana was legalized in Washington by Washington Initiative 502. It requires all marijuana sellers, distributors and procedures of marijuana for state licenses. It also permits anyone who are 21 years and over to carry an ounce. Growers are also allowed to grow marijuana but not a permission for personal growing in one’s home except for medical use only.

If you are a marijuana grower either for small scale or commercial growing, then we can help you with your marijuana seeds supply. We are Crop King Seeds which is a marijuana seed company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We have been shipping our marijuana seeds to Washington state for quite some time now.

High Seed Germination Rate

We always check our seeds germination to make sure that what our customers will get are high quality marijuana seeds with high germination rate only. We can guarantee all our customers with at least 80% success rate of germination with our cup of water + paper towel germination method which is outlined in our website.

24/7 Customer Service Support with Phone and Live Website Chat

We also stand for our quality with our products and customer service. You can reach us anytime of the day through phone, live website chat and email.

Guaranteed Shipping

We also offer express shipping that comes with a tracking # and insurance. It takes 7 to 14 days to arrive in Washington State.

If you have any questions about the marijuana seeds that we have for sale for Washington State, please contact us now. We are open 24/7.

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