What is Kief and How is it Consumed?

what is kief

One of the best things about cannabis is you can use every part of it from the flowers, leaves, trichomes, and other plant materials. If you are one of those guys who prefer their weed to be as potent as possible, then the best option to go is with a kief. In this article, you will learn more about what is Kief and how it is consumed.

What is Kief?

To put it simply, a kief is an accumulation of trichomes from the cannabis plants. Trichomes are those frosty crystals you can see from the cannabis plant, they cover the entire buds, and they also have the plant’s resin. Resins are known to have full of terpenes and cannabinoids. To produce Kief, trichomes are removed from the cannabis plant; a kief is a highly potent form of cannabis.

Kief comes from an Arabic word, which means intoxication or pleasure. Kief contains high levels of cannabinoids, terpenes, and that’s why they are the better option compared to cannabis flowers. However, compared to cannabis extracts, Kief isn’t as powerful as those are.

Kief takes in the form of shining-shimmering powder crystals. A good quality kief usually exudes golden brown in color or blonde, which produces a robust aroma. Kiefs that are green in color aren’t as pure as they come, they still contain plant materials.

Benefits of Using Kief

Season cannabis smokers enjoy Kief because they are more potent than your traditional smoking of the flowers, plus they pack more cannabinoids and terpenes, making them a more viable option. While the Kief’s quality and potency are highly dependent on the strain used or where it was sourced from, most Kief reaches 50% of THC concentrations. A significant upgrade from smoking cannabis flowers that are around 10 to 25% at the highest.

What’s good about Kief is you can easily absorb CBG, THC, and other cannabinoids present in a cannabis plant without associating yourself with other plant materials that are harsher to smoke. Also, Kief is popular among smokers because it is easy to collect and appropriate to use. Unlike cannabis extracts where it needs harsh chemicals and expensive equipment, Kief is much safer and convenient to use and can be even collected at home!

If you aren’t fond of smoking kief, you can either incorporate them into your favorite edibles or vape them. Knowing what Kief is should give you the idea of how strong they are.

How to Collect Kief

There are numerous ways on how to collect Kief, both of which offer different kinds of utilizations.

  • Grinder Technique 

One of the most popular methods for collecting Kief is the grinder method because it is the easiest way to do it. However, the grinder method needs a three or 4-chambered grinder for collecting Kief. These grinders are designed to have different chambers when breaking down weed.

When grinding your weed, the second chamber is responsible for catching all the plant matters. At the same time, trichomes go through a screen that leads to the bottom chamber where Kief is collected. So, the best-case scenario for you has 3 or 4 chambers grinder.

Although you can still collect Kief from a single-chambered grinder, it tends to stick around the edges, making it hard to obtain them. The only negative thing with this method is it requires more grinding of weed to collect a hefty amount of Kief.

  • Sifter Box Technique

The sifter box technique is also an efficient way to collect your Kief. It is specially designed for the job. The sifter box contains a 3-part box, a removable dark-colored base, and a sifter box. The idea is simple, put your cannabis materials at the top of the sifter box and slowly shake it. Shaking them separates the trichomes from the plant materials when Kief goes through the sifter back and onto the dark-colored base.

After continuous shaking, all kiefs fall off on the base, ready to be collected. It can also be done with the silk-screen method. The same principle is used with the sifter box method. The most important part about this is the sieving process; the Kief should fall right through the Kief, leaving the plant materials filtered out.

How to Use Kief

Now that you’ve collected your Kief, you’ll now go for the most exciting part, which is using it. There are numerous ways on how to use Kief. The main principle is still applied to smoking, and heat should be applied to Kief so that terpenes and cannabinoids can be activated and produce psychoactive effects.

Here are some of the most popular ways on how to use Kief:

  • Smoke the Kief

They are best smoked with a glass pipe. Please take note that Kief is in a fine powdered form, you may inhale some of them. Kief is good at holding the flame, and once it’s lit, it will likely stay lit.

  • Sprinkle it on your cannabis flower

This is the most popular way on how to use Kief. Sprinkle your Kief on top of your cannabis flower before it is vaped or smoked. Adding Kief to your cannabis flower increases the potency.

  • Incorporate your Kief with your blunts or joints

You can also incorporate your Kief into your joint or blunt before you roll it into one piece. To do so, mix your Kief with your ground cannabis and roll your blunt or joint like you usually do.


If you have knowledge about what is Kief, it gives you a clearer idea of how to use it. You can either smoke this one as it contains high concentrations of THC. For hardcore smokers, this is a good option if they want to add more strength to their cannabis sessions. You can also make this as an edible if you are not into smoking.

Kief is best enjoyed with friends and relatives. Be sure to use cannabis in moderation to avoid any unpleasant and adverse effects. Get hit, and get high!

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