What is Bubbleponics and How Does It Help in Growing Marijuana Seeds?

There are so many ways in planting your marijuana seedlings. Another type of method that has just emerged out of the advancement of technology is a process called Bubbleponics. The term is coined because of the elements going on during the process which oxygen creates. It is also known as hydroponics.

What is Bubbleponics?

Bubbleponics or hydroponics is a deep-water method of growing your marijuana seedlings with a mixture of minerals and nutrients. It’s like an aquarium effect only that you are raising a plantation of marijuana in there. The oxygen will be the one pumping and circulating the minerals for the proper and precise distribution all throughout. This is to ensure that all seeds or plants receive the ample amount of their daily nutrients.
In this set-up, you are required to surround the area with CFL light to give out heat and promote the process of photosynthesis even without the aid of the sun. This is going to be the artificial ray to induce growth at the same time.

What are the advantages?

Through this, there is a very high yield considering the light, nutrients and water. You don’t have to really go and cultivate its base unlike for the case of soil since the oxygen itself gives out ample water movements for cultivation. Another thing is the quick growth you can point out because of hydroponics. Approximately, it could enable your plant to grow about 2 inches per week depending on how well you have tended them.

Where to buy seeds appropriate for Bubbleponics?

All indoor type seeds can be grown through bubbleponics. So, the right question would ask on where is the right retail store that provides high quality seeds. As of now, only Canada gives out the best deals in terms of marijuana seedlings distribution. You may want to start your purchase there.

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