What is a Blunt and How It Is Consumed

what is a blunt

There are many ways to consume your favorite herbs, such as vaping, edibles, and smoking. A blunt or joint is consumed with your favorite strain of cannabis. But what is a blunt? How do you ensure you have a high-quality blunt?

What is a Blunt?

A frequently asked question is, “what a blunt?”. A blunt is a cigar that is hallowed out and then filled with your choice’s ground cannabis. When making a blunt made with marijuana, consumers may choose whether to buy or purchase blunt wraps to be easier for them to make one or they might manually empty a cigarillo or what we call the pre-roll cigar and should be replaced the tobacco with the cannabis of your choice.

So a blunt is typically rolled just like the tobacco leaf wrappers that are used for cigars. Its name is called a blunt because it originated from America and an American brand of cigarettes called “ Phillies Blunts, “ which made it known in the market and to cannabis users worldwide. Blunts have nicotine.

Due to the feature of a blunt that it is in a cigar rolled paper, it provides many different and distinctive qualities of a blunt, which includes the smell, taste, effect, and how long it would take to burn it all.

Things You Need to Make Your Blunt

To make and roll your own blunt, you need a handful of many key components to make your own successfully. The most important thing you have to be able to make a blunt is cannabis of your choice. Always make sure that your strain is ground to be able to wrap in a cigar wrapper, and it is best when you have your own and reliable grinder for your cannabis. You have to ensure that you have a working area that is tidy enough for your making of blunt.

In addition, you have to need a rolling paper that is the most important material you need to make a blunt. In making a blunt, there are actually two ways you can make a blunt. First is the traditional way: you just have to purchase a cigar and then remove the tobacco in it and then replace it with your grind cannabis. The second is to purchase a cigar wrapper as it is.

The one that is not pre-filled into a cigar or a cigarillo. In that case, is it much harder to make because you are the one to roll it?

Steps and Instructions in Making Your Own Blunt

  1. Grind and grind and grind your weed- before anything else, make sure to grind your weed to be able to make a successful blunt. In that way, you make your time very useful, and you’re just going on wrapping your weeds, and you’re ready to go. The best way to grind your weed of choice is by using a grinder, so make sure militant afford one you have to buy one.
  2. Select the best wrapper- as what is already given, the blunt users usually define themselves as having a good blunt by the wrappers that they use for their blunts. For the first first-timers to make their own blunt, they should first figure out the best wraps that they might use by reading research about blunt wraps to help them figure out what’s best to use.
  3. Your wrapper should be broken down- the most precise and the cleanest way to break down a wrapper for your blunt is by using a razor blade to cut down the cigar or the cigarillo in a lengthwise shape, and you can also manually do it by your hands make sure to be gentle with it by not breaking it apart and by not tearing it just to become a waste.
  4. You have to moisten your wrapper- it is really a very good idea to moisten your wrapper before making it into a blunt because it tends to make the tobacco in it much easier to remove and manipulate to replace it with weeds of choice. Some blunt makers tend to lick the wrapper, and others use a paintbrush with water to moisten the wrapper. It does not matter how you would use to moisten your wrapper as long as it would be moistened.
  5. Time to place your wee in the wrapper- you have to hold the tobacco wrap in your one hand, and you have to position your index finger and your thumbs that make your wrap form into a U shape.

After that, you now need to grab a pinch of your ground weed of choice, and you need to place it inside the tobacco wrap. Make sure that you do not overflow it with cannabis because you still need some space to wrap your tobacco leaf to make a cylinder shape to close the cannabis completely.

1. Now you have to roll up your blunt- in rolling up your blunt, you have to use your both hands and gently rock the wrapper in back and forth motion as it is done you should be tamping it down to even out the cannabis in the wrapper.

By this, you allow it to shape it into a cylinder that makes it thick. After all of this and you think that you now got the right shaped form of your blunt, you now have to bring one edge of your blunt to tuck it underneath the opposite side of the wrapper that encloses the cannabis.

2. Seal now your blunt- hold one edge of the wrap over the other edge and use your tongue to dump it and lick it to moisten that edge to be able to close it.


What is blunt? It’s a joint or rolled cannabis for smoking. Yes, finally, after making your blunt to consume, you can now enjoy your blunt by simply using a lighter to run its flame up and down motion along with its seam. It makes it dry and then enjoys it by lighting up the edge and smoking it like a regular cigar.

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