Weed Names You Probably Didn’t Know About

weed names

New guidelines and statures are granting you the chance to experience the trip of smoking weed legally. For a lot of growers during the provisional period when even a little joint can already lead to imprisonment, this is the best time to delve into the chance of getting high with plenty of weed strains.

Although some famous weed names have dominated to weather the challenges of time, there are plenty of new smokers who are also getting babbling reviews. Cultivating weed has become the newest large-scale movement and complex modernizations have delivered provocative new variants to the table.

Rather than simply depending on a typical strain on your next weed party, why not discover other weeds you probably don’t know yet?

Weed Names You Should Recognize

There are lots of guides to inform you which are the best weed strains for you. Some weeds help alleviate anxiety, while others will work to help you with your sleep. Others are simply made for chilling. However, let us accept the fact that we normally buy weed based on the popularity and the weed name. But what about those that are unfamiliar but truly amazing? They too deserve your patriotism.

Here are some of the interesting weed names you will have to find:

1. Barck O Bubba

Knowing Obama’s warm support for medical weeds later during his presidency period, it may seem odd to find a strain after his name. But there is no doubt that this strain is worth the try as it can help you break away from the actual world after leaving the office.

2. Charlie Sheen

This is the best strain for individuals who like to live the way of living of Charlie Sheen without luxuriating in some of his more horrible doings.

3. Conspiracy Kush

This strain is not as popular as the OG Kush. You can only imagine the descriptions behind the giving of the name of the strain. A cerebral buzz with artistic thinking features and right there, conspiracies exist.

Regardless of the phenotypes, this strain remains bountiful as ever.

4. Amsterdam Flame 

This is an acknowledgment of the Netherlands where the smoking of weed is welcomed as a component of the culture of the Dutch. 

5. Cat Piss

The term “cat piss” may not sound enticing to the typical person. However, when we talk about weed, Cat Piss is one thing you should try. You may not see it as a popular strain, but missing to acknowledge its occurrence is one mistake you can make especially if you are an avid fan of weeds.

6. 3 Mile Island

The description is commonly associated with a mishap. So, why do you think is it bequeathed on a weed strain? Find out whether it is that good or that bad.

7. Brainwreck 

Do not mix up this strain with the popular Trainwreck. This strain is the offspring of the likely-termed strain. That occurs dominantly in the industry. Weed strains were bred. And before you even learn it, your one weed phenotype already has 4 various identities. This provides a lot of variety when it comes to aromas, effects, and flavors.

8. Acid

The name commonly refers attributes to LSD. However, today it is used to distinguish a remarkably potent weed variant.

9. Aussie Blues

This strain is relaxing, gentle, and very dream-like.

10. Gandalf OG

Do you like to become smart, mysterious, and bewitching? Well, it is all up to you. But getting a puff of this Indica Gandalf OG can help you achieve these goals.

11. Boggle Dragon

The name implores up portraits of games, disorientation, and persuasive delusional creatures.

12. Donkey Killer

The strain is similar to a horse sedative. This implies that we are human beings are good.

13. Yellow Amnesia 

A single toke of this strain can already make you forget everything.

14. Fucking Incredible

Just as how the name implies – this weed is extremely amazing to not put on the name “Fucking Incredible”. Occasionally, making it plain and simple is the best way to do it. If a dispensary has to offer some weed, the name may appear to be more appealing to many people.

15. Amethyst Bud

It is a bright illustration of beautiful, powerful weed buds.

16. Beyond the Brain

This strain releases the potential of the brain.

17. Afghani Delight

Anyone would know that the land of Afghanistan is occupied by hashish and opium.

18. Candy Cane Brain

This strain can serve as a sweet treat to people with a sophisticated mind.

19. Albino Rhino

This strain is very compelling and unstoppable, similar to a mad rhinoceros.

20. Brain Warp

Leave behind the warp speed and bend the brain around this exhilarating smoking trip.

21. Wild Thai Rider

With just several puffs, this strain can make you feel like you are surfing the peculiar eastern waves.

22. African Queen

This strain is perfect for a peaceful night while watching a movie.

23. Beast Mode

If you want to let loose your ‘beast’ part, this is the strain you should try.

24. Elephant Bud

The name of this strain was inspired by the large size of the buds of the flower.

25. Blucifer

Blucifer is the name given to a 32-ft statue of a Mustang horse. During the time of its creation, a part of the statue fell on the artist, Luis Jimenez. Ultimately, he died after getting a disjointed artery on the leg.

Grim and weird, yet the statue was up after two years. And the moment the use of weed was legalized, a strain of this name was introduced. 

26. Old Time Moonshine

Sears the soul just how a gulp of actual ‘shine can do.

27. Amphetamine

This strain can make you versed and quick.

28. Heisenberg Kush

Weeds love to be mentioned casually to impress. A lot of popular people and celebrities have been the brand of a cannabis plant. This strain may have performed in various circles than the typical smokers, however, they have gone down in the history of weed forever.

29. 1 Eyed Jamaican

This strain is truly unique and can never be forgotten.

30. Girl Scout Cookies

This strain has a smell that is similar to the classic and crisp Thin Mints. If you find this description enticing, notice what the controversy is about. The intense scent and purple colors are enticing for both beginners and veteran smokers.

You may encounter some dispensaries to shorten its name to GSC, so you should be on guard for both.

31. Marilyn Monroe

This strain may seem just a buzz of the wind but it can stay in the mind forever.

32. Dirty Old Bastard

Do you idolize Ol’ Dirty Bastard? If that is the case, your brain may deceive you into purchasing this Indica weed strain because of the name itself. However, that is okay. The strain was named after the rapper.

33. California Skunk

This strain may have a funny name but it is fairly amazing. The name suggests that the smell of the strain is less than adorable.

34. 3D Third Dimension

This strain can widen the mind. 

35. El Chapo OG

The people who had given name to this strain referred the name from a popular drug lord. The drug lord was the leader of one of the most influential drug-trafficking associations ever. 

Weed has common relations: hippies, love, and peace. 

36. Buddha’s Sister

A fast search in Google and it will present you plenty about weeds, but not so much about people. This implies that Buddha’s sister could have been Mary Jane.

37. Laughing Grass

You can go away from the dental humorous gas when this weed strain can provide you an equally pleasurable mental adventure without asking you to visit your dentist.

How Weed Names Affect Cannabis Enthusiasts?

Weed names can do influence the consumers as well as possible buyers. People will buy or will not buy a strain based on the innermost thoughts that dwell within them. Feelings and thoughts progress through time whether we are aware of it or not.

If the name of the strain is invented mentally, consumers start with clean hands. They will create either positive or negative implications relying upon their situation. It would be fair to say that the influence penetrates deep. If the person has an allergy to dairy, he may despise strains that have a name that includes the term “cheese”. However, if you are an avid fan of extraterrestrials, you may immediately choose a strain that has a name that includes “alien”.

No matter what strain you choose and the name it has, the capability of the strain remains remarkable. 


Even if you do not intend to experience a few tokes, you will still find it interesting to learn the other weed names you haven’t learned yet. You will be amazed to know that many of these weeds were named after celebrities, crazy dreams, and geography.

Discover as many weeds as you can and explore the world of cannabis. You will be surprised how large the selection of cannabis strains is.

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