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terp sauce

Due to the fast legalization of cannabis, it sweeps the global market like thunder. Every day, the appetite for cannabis is getting more massive than ever. Back in the days, people were satisfied with smoking cannabis, but that is not the case today. It sounds like a day will not pass without having to encounter new cannabis products to embark that even cannabis connoisseurs can’t keep up. Consumers are inventing various kinds of ways to consume their favorite plant, aside from smoking.

Today, there is already what we call terp sauce, which is now starting to give rise to new elements and significance to the scene with its exciting terpene features and medicinal value. To understand more about terp sauce and how to smoke it, this article collected useful information that could guide you. Check them out below. 

What You Need to Know About Terp Sauce 

Terp Sauce is a product made from cannabis that delivers numerous advantages to the body with a much higher cost compared to other cannabis products. In the most technical manner, terp sauce is also recognized as the HTFSE, or in full-term, the High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract.

If you seem overwhelmed with this new innovation, it is more than just its remarkable term. Among all the other cannabis products, terp sauce is deemed to be the favorite of cannabis connoisseurs because of its quality of smoking experience it can furnish compared to the other forms of cannabis.

It could take in many different consistencies. Some have a pure version of terp sauce, and some can only have lesser cannabinoid components like forty percent of THC compounds and sixty percent of terpene mixture. There is likewise terp sauce in the market that is infused with THC diamonds that encompass a much higher level of THC because of the presence of purest THCA just waiting to undergo decarboxylation.

Derived from terp wax, it is the initial step in making terp sauce. The higher the number of terpenes present, the better the end result will be. Once made, the flowers of cannabis undergo flash-frozen to allow the preservation of the unique qualities of its terpenes and later mixed with butane to get the extracts. Curing will follow the next step, and THC crystals are expected to form, while the terpenes will gradually surge to the top layer of the mixture. Purging is again executed to allow the elimination of the remaining solvent. This is how terp sauce is formulated that incorporates potent cannabinoids and naturally extraordinary flavors and aroma.

The Uniqueness of Terp Sauce

This cannabis-derived product is considered to be unique because of its unbelievable quantity of terpenes present as compared to other cannabis products, which primarily focusing better on THC for psychoactive purpose or CBD for medicinal value.

Terp sauce mainly concentrates on terpenes; hence, the flavors and scents of it are extremely intense and highly packed of flavors. Naturally, it able to preserve the natural cannabis terpenes that usually sacrificed when making cannabis products to ensure to have potent results. However, even though it is directed on terpenes, it does not automatically makes it insufficiently potent at all. This is why terp sauce is a unique and genuine cannabis product that not only guarantees the amazing quality of flavors and scent but also potent CBD or THC value best for either recreational or medicinal purposes.

Easy Guide In Smoking Terp Sauce

With the description above about terp sauce, many are convinced that it is quite intimidating to encounter such a product. However, smoking can be relatively easy to do. To achieve it, you only need some terp sauce and dab rig, vape, or glassware, and you are all set. Sounds simple right? Because terp sauce is just another unique type of cannabis concentrate as compared to other oil concentrates in the market.

When in liquid form, terp sauce may not be working good using joints; however, drizzling some of it well does great to work on its magic as a concentrate. There could also be a vaporizer that can is possible for wet terp sauce; nonetheless, dab rigs are the best way to making the most out of terp sauce and consume it with lesser waste.

  1. To do this, terp sauce is put on the nail, a hot surface of a dab rig, and then heated to convert the cannabis product into consumable vapor. 
  2. Once the vapor is present, it is then inhaled through the mouthpiece of the dab rig. 
  3. Position your mouth to the mouthpiece and inhale the vapor released. If you want to get a full blast of vapor, provide a small space between the mouthpiece and your mouth.

Just be careful, though, even for professional dabbers, because of the outstanding entourage effects deliver by terp sauce, it could sweep the user off to their last consciousness. Although it can be rather tempting because of its unique set of scents and flavors, it could make you consume more than expected. It is recommended to start a small portion and test out the products’ impact on your tolerance. If it is not hitting you to your desire, you can always take another shot. Precautionary measures must be applied strictly, especially among amateur smokers, when dabbing terp sauce as the products are highly concentrated and deliver powerful smoking experience. 

Getting High From Terp Sauce 

Opposing to the belief that terp sauce is just packed with flavors and scents, well, this baby is not easy to handle. Little did you know, these terpenes are also responsible for providing psychoactive experience depending on the cannabis strain used.

Commonly, terp sauce is known and popular due to its entourage effect, which is in simple terms, a synergy that happens on the chemicals of different forms inside the plant. This allows the product to improve its effectiveness in terms of medicinal use. For instance, when synergy occurs on CBD and terpene called limonene, it is said to be great in treating cancer cells, while terpene called myrcene and CBD synergies, it creates powerful treatment for inflammation.

However, this should not be made a reason to consume more terp sauce. It may be tempting to do since it has promising medical benefits and a seductive terpene profile; when consumed in huge quantities, it is not surprisingly pleasant as you imagine. Remain to be within your tolerable dosage. Once you get used to its potency, gradually increase your dosage according to your desired high. Since the terp sauce can be tricky because of its tempting terpenes, the immediate occurrence of its high will hit you smashing.


When you have no more concentrates in your storage and planning to restock, grab a few terp sauce, and try its unique offerings to the consumers. Surely, you will experience outstanding high and fully natural terpenes from a cannabis plant. This is a new way to maximizing the capacity of some significant cannabinoid compounds,  THC, and terpenes that are all set within the terp sauce.

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