Some General Information about Marijuana Seeds Shelf Life

Marijuana seeds are just as important as the weed itself. A lot might have taken for granted the very importance of these but without these seeds of Marijuana, Marijuana plants would be non-existent at all. This gives growers and even users of Marijuana out there the reason to know on how to take care of these seeds that are vital to the production of Marijuana across the globe. There had been constant inquiry in whether how should the storage of these seeds be done and how they could actually last.
How long can seeds of Marijuana stay active and useful?
Actually, there has been no exact number of years that seeds of Marijuana can stay active and useless. However, it should be highly noted that if you store it with a regulated environment, it could last for years. Make sure that you store it in a cool, dry place and sealed from any microorganisms.
Is there a way to prolong such shelf life?
Since it is not that quite easy to just get hold of seeds of Marijuana and it would quite cost you a fortune, this gives you more reason to know on how to properly store you seeds in order to protect it from any contamination that might cause it to be useless in the future. First, you need to have an airtight container. Put then some uncooked rice or crystals of silica on the bottom to soak up any moisture. Place them then in the fridge. Being able to control the light, moisture and humidity will help you store those seeds and be ready for the planting season.
What should growers do?
As growers of Marijuana, you should try your very best not to expose your seeds to moisture and even high temperature. These extreme conditions will most likely cause the degradation of you seeds.

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