Sexing Marijuana Seeds: Is it Possible?

Marijuana plants could either be male or female. Because of that, incorporating the method of sexing into your methods could help cultivate and grow an even bigger yield of marijuana. Basically, the method of sexing is one of the trickiest methods of growing your own marijuana, however as you begin the gather the experience, the process will become a lot easier.

Is the sexing method even possible?

Well, the answer is a big YES! In fact, sexing has been used by a lot of marijuana growers already in producing and cultivating bigger yields for your marijuana seeds. The reason behind why growers use the method of sexing is that they want to remove their marijuana plants for good. It is because if the owners fail to remove the male species, they could interfere with the potency of the female plants.

How to carry out sexing?

To carry out sexing, it is quite essential to carry out a careful observation of flowering. In terms of the appearance, male plants tend to be a lot leggier as compared to female plants. Meanwhile, female plants are somewhat squatter with more leaves and are bushier.

The process starts by determining the gender of the marijuana plant first. Once you have been able to distinguish the male ones, you will then have to cover the lower branch using a black paper bag for a duration of 12 hours during the vegetative state. This is to prevent light from reaching the plant. For some, they would determine the early indications of the plant’s sex type by using a magnifying glass. However, you can also force the plants by using the light schedule method. You can do so by placing your plants in a 12 hour light exposure then separating them into male and female arrangements. After sorting out the male and female plants, you can then begin the separation process between the male and female plants.

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