Mochalope Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Mochalope Regular Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant all-female cannabis strain with very high THC at 24 percent. This is why it’s relaxing, calming, euphoric, and uplifting. This is an early bloomer growing buds at just 6 weeks after germination. It is a relaxing, euphoric, and uplifting strain with coffee and earthy flavors.

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Aromatic Mocha Flavored Cannabis

Mochalope regular seeds are just like blending the 80% Indica chocolatey syrup with the 20% content of a Sativa milk. It was just hiding under the tempting fragrance of a coffee and chocolate that definitely hit you a relaxed feeling that can rapidly enhance your mood while taking out all the stress pains and even other common body aches. This Mochalope regular seed is high-standard seeds that can certify to have a great germination rate within the day. It comes from the crossbreeding of the two Oregon Afghani and Chocolope, giving it cocoa and earthy taste while inhaling a fruity note.

Mochalope regular seeds produce a heavy and compact flora that forms into a thick stalk where the high bud to foliage ratio cluster shows the amber-color pistils and white trichomes. Growing the Mocholope regular seeds indoors is required to install proper ventilation while maintaining the low humidity because it is highly susceptible to molds or even mildew. Its flowering cycle usually takes up to 60 to 65 days and yields up to 500 grams indoors.

1 review for Mochalope Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Lucy


    I love how euphoric and narcotic in effect it is. Mochalope Regular Marijuana Seeds has a great germination cycle. It did not give me a hard time. Recommending to new growers who want cocoa with earthy tones that have uplifting effects. It did great on my depression. Must try strain!

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