Gorilla Glue x Pellezino Regular Marijuana Seeds

Gorilla Glue x Pellezino Regular Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that’s very easy to grow. It is a slim plant that you can grow indoors or outdoors but its outdoors or in a greenhouse is where you can take advantage of its tall height. This is a tasty strain that will make you stimulated, happy, and energetic.

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More About Gorilla Glue x Pellezino

Ideal Hybrid For Novice Growers

The Gorilla Glue x Pellezino regular seeds come from the great combination of Gorilla Glue with the Pellezino. It has Sativa-dominant qualities with slim stature and internodal spaces.  Of course, this cannabis strain is easy to cultivate, so novice growers love it.

Gorilla Glue x Pellezino regular seeds grow into a slim stature plant that can even fit into small growing rooms. It can also best grown in an outdoor setting, where it can acquire the right amount of sunlight that most strains need.  Cannabis growers will surely love the seeds of this cannabis hybrid strain, providing decent yields for an indoor growing space. The flowering period of this cannabis strain is 75 days and start harvesting a bountiful amount of yield.

For those growers and consumers who seek for a tasty cannabis hybrid to smoke, they must consider this one. The two great strains create a perfect blend that offers a fruity and classic hash taste that makes it become more interesting to try for a beginner cannabis consumer.


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