Alien OG Regular Marijuana Seeds

When a breeder sets out to create a hybrid of epic effects, the Alien OG cannabis strain was in mind. This balanced hybrid gives the user an abundance of effects that is sure to blow the minds of even the most seasoned veteran cannabis enthusiast. With two power-hitting Kush strains as parents in Tahoe OG Kush and Alien Kush and a THC level that rounds up at 23%, the users will be treated to a cerebrally distorted high coupled with a heavy limbed soothing relaxation. With an incredibly potent high, complement this with a pure earthy and citrusy flavor, most recreational and medical cannabis users will keep coming back for more!

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Alien OG (Regular) Strain Specifications

Type: Balanced Hybrid
Genetics Parents: Alien Kush x Tahoe OG Kush
Flowering Period: 8 weeks
Climate: Warm, Sunny, and Humid
Yield: 11 ounces indoors and 13 ounces outdoors
Flavors: Earthy, Lemon, Pine, Spicy, Sweet, Woody
THC Level: 23%
CBD Level: 0.1%
Height: Short and Bushy
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Medium

What are the Flavor and Effects of Alien OG (Regular)

Alien OG ganja is famous for its quick-hitting and hard-hitting effects. Initially, a buzzing sensation overwhelms the head and an instant euphoric high is felt. This is mixed with a sudden change in moods where it becomes enhanced to having a positive outlook. A carefree feeling will prevail within the user. This instant head rush goes along with the user having a change in their visual and auditory senses. A distorted view and sound of reality will have the user tripping happily. Even time seems to be moving at a slower pace. Then a sudden warm wave of relaxation will start to creep into the user’s entire body. Limbs will be leaden and muscles and joints will start to loosen as the deeply tranquilized user are totally weighed down but still has a very cognitive awareness of the situation. 

The refreshing aroma emitted by the Alien Og Cannabis strain smells so pure that no chemically induced scents are present in this weed’s smell. It has a skunky-earthy aroma that blends beautifully with the citrus and lemon fragrance coming from its buds. Its taste is equally refreshing but more pronounced. As the thick creamy smoke passes through the tastebuds, an explosion of sweet citrusy goodness will fill the user’s mouth. The damp earthy flavor adds that cannabis flavor to the smoke. As it is exhaled, notes of pine and woodiness remain on the lips as an aftertaste.

What are the Medical Benefits of Alien OG (Regular)?

Those suffering from mood disorders may find the Alien OG to be a good organic alternative in treating their Illnesses. Medical cannabis patients who suffer from PTSD, stress, depression, and anxiety can find solace in using this weed to help them. Alien OG can make the user forget about traumatic experiences they have undergone and are given a positive vibe that shouts optimism all the way! Escaping reality is another option medical cannabis users take this weed. The monotonous life of having to grind it out daily may take a toll on the patient, thus the option to consume this weed and enjoy its hallucinogenic properties may be their way of entertaining themselves. Patients suffering from chronic pain, migraines, backaches, and muscle spasms can also benefit from the sedating and analgesic properties this weed has to offer.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Alien OG (Regular)

This weed can cause anxiety and paranoia if the user has no clue about the effects of this weed. So it is better to be aware of its high before one recklessly puffs away to his heart’s delight. The common cottonmouth is also experienced when consuming this weed but being ready with hydrating liquids to drink before and after the smoke can help ease dehydration. Another adverse effect is having to experience dry eyes, but this can be easily soothed by having a bottle of moisturizing eye drops ready once irritation starts.

How to Grow Alien OG (Regular)

This plant is considered medium in growing difficulty as there is a constant need to monitor the optimal conditions this plant needs to thrive and be healthy. They prefer to grow in 

Warm, sunny, and humid climates. Thus humidity levels must be above average to promote more moisture in the air. But as it starts to flower, RH must be kept on the low side and moisture levels must be very low to prevent moisture build-up in the buds which can lead to bud rot. They will start to flower in 8 weeks and could yield a good 11 ounces for indoor growing and 13 ounces for outdoor cultivation.


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