Purchase Marijuana Seeds in Quebec

Crop King Seeds is already in stores near you in Quebec. You can walk into your nearest seed store and buy our high quality marijuana seeds for sale. If you cannot find our seeds, you can tell the store to order for you so that you can have an easier access to our high quality marijuana seeds for sale in Quebec.

The stores that carry our seeds have other products like hydroponic supplies, garden tools, and other marijuana products. Our seeds come in pack of 5 and 10. You can choose from regular, feminized and autoflowering or you can go with the mix and match packs if you want to try almost everything of our strains in one pack.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We make sure that our products are high quality by only carrying the best strains there is available in the world. We also check our seeds for germination every week to make sure that all our customers get high germination success rate of our seeds. We can assure you of at least 80% success of germination if you use the cup of water + paper towel method.

Aside from that, we also have a 24/7 phone and live website chat. Our email support is also responsive and you can get responses to your emails within a few minutes.

Can I order online?

Yes you can order in our website and we can ship right to your address in Quebec. Our office is located in Downtown Vancouver here in British Columbia, Canada and the seeds will be shipped from here. You can also walk into our office and grab your seeds if you want to. Just make sure to call us to set an appointment because we are too busy in the office and by setting up an appointment we can make sure to provide you with the best hospitality that we can offer.

For any questions, please contact us now.

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