Order Marijuana Seeds in Jacksonville

It is not legal to possess or grow marijuana in Jacksonville, Florida in the USA. Those who are caught with marijuana can cause their driver’s license to get suspended for a period of time up to a year.

If marijuana is your safe option for your medical condition, then it is better that you ditch your dealer and grow your own marijuana supply because you can save in the long run. Yes, you have to invest money for the equipments, seeds and other supplies when you start growing but you will be getting a lot in return and you are sure of the quality that you will be getting.

Where to order marijuana seeds in Jacksonville?

There are no good sources of marijuana seeds in Jacksonville and any part of Florida or the whole country because of the restriction. You can find some low quality bag seeds in the city but they are low quality and you might get scammed by the supplier if you are not careful.

Buy marijuana seeds from a professional seed company 

Your best option is to buy your marijuana seeds from a professional company outside of the USA and have your marijuana seeds order shipped right in your address in Jacksonville. You can order from us in Canada and we will ship the seeds from our office in Downtown Vancouver to your address in Jacksonville.

Although rare, marijuana seeds packages to Florida are getting seized in your borders because of mail checks. To solve this problem, we make sure that our packaging is very much discreet and we offer guaranteed shipping for $30 which will come with a tracking number and insurance. If your seeds get seized, we will reship it for free for as long as you choose express shipping for $30.

Will I get in trouble if my seeds get seized?

No. The seeds will go to the trash. Nobody cares about a few seeds in the mail. They are seeds not weed. They look like any other seeds out there.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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