How to Get Rid of Mold on Weed

mold on weed

Finding mold on your weed is the last thing that you need for the whole period of your plant’s life cycle. This is a huge threat because this may cause all of your cannabis plant to be wasted. 

The key is taking advantage of the environment by studying it, did you know that mold is everywhere? The real challenge is how to make an environment that is not suitable for weed to thrive but will be a perfect place for your plant to grow strong. 

Mold is a type of fungus that lives and breathes in moisture or very humid places; it evolves as a unique multicellular filament widely known as hyphae. Molds and fungus can be found a majority in perishable foods and also very wet and humid areas where air does not regularly circulate. Keep on reading to know more about how to get rid of mold on weed. 

How Can You Know if Mold is Present on Weed? 

Specifically, looking for mold in your cannabis plant is a very meticulous and tiring activity. This is due to the fact that weed has a color distinction that is very similar to mold itself, so you really have to master the characteristics, appearance, and also the color of the plant. What makes it harder to locate mold is due to the plant’s hair-like parts called trichomes; these are the parts of the plants that contain the majority of the THC content of the plant. THC is the chemical solely responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana. 

When the cannabis plant and flowers reach their maturity stage, it is very hard to identify mold because the plant is already totally covered with the trichomes. However, in order for you to better spot mold is by the use of a magnifying glass or a jewelers loupe, this will allow you to observe the plant closely. A mold is identifiable as a dark gray and black in color, which is not regularly present in a cannabis plant. 

Also, another way to identify that the weed is moldy when it’s smell changes into a very foul and rotten smell. All the nice smell of the cannabis plant goes away when mold is present.

Steps on How to Remove Mold on Weed

As stated earlier in the first part of the article, the worst thing that can happen to your beloved cannabis plant has mold. Mostly, if mold is already present in their whole plantation, it’s already doomsday, but luckily we got you covered. These are the things that you can do to rectify the matter.

Removing the Wilted Plants

Whenever you visit your grow area, if you see a plant that is severely wilting or wilted, do not waste any time, remove it at once in order for the healthy plants not to be contaminated. We strongly advise to have it separated and inspected, most probably the cause of wilting will already be mold.

Inspect the Plant’s Cola

In order to prevent mold from growing and thriving within your plant is by inspecting the cola. By doing so, you are not searching for mold, but this is just a way for the plant to receive more air and moisture to make it much healthier.


If the plant is wilted, it has to be removed. However, if only one leaf or one bud is affected, you can trim it off to give the other buds a chance to live and grow further. By doing so, you can prevent the mold from spreading throughout the plant and disallowing it to affect others.


This is a critical factor that you need to seriously consider is the proper ventilation and airflow. Adequate airflow is the key to ensure that your plants will not acquire any molds. With proper ventilation, you will have a stable temperature, as well as the proper humidity in your, grow area, which is very good for your cannabis plant.


For outdoor growers, the humidity level is really out of their control, but as for indoor growers, this is a variable that you can manipulate, set the correct temperature and moisture so that you can achieve a humidity level that is suitable for your plants but will disallow molds to thrive. This is a trial and error phase that you can master as time passes.

Climate Control

Again, for outdoor growers, this is a hard thing to control and literally impossible to control. For indoor peeps, you can still manipulate this; you can avail climate control units already in Amazon and eBay for a good price. This is going to make everything smooth sailing as it automates and regulates the climate for you with a flick of a switch.

Temp Control

Every plant needs a regulated temperature so that it can grow efficiently and provide the best result. To keep the temperature stable, temperature control units are also available in the market today, which will also take control of your intake and exhaust unit. This will make your life a breeze. 


You have to remember that mold is everywhere, since mold comes from spores that are always present in the air, the only thing you can do to prevent it from thriving is creating an environment that will not let it thrive and grow.

You need to meet all the conditions that are mentioned above in order for you to completely eradicate the threat of mold in your cannabis plant. You have to be patient and determined throughout the whole process because it will always be tricky and a challenge if you are a first-time grower. You can also always take advantage of getting useful advice to the friendly cannabis community in order for you to gain more knowledge and technique. And this is how to get rid of mold on weed!

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