Marijuana Seeds for Sale in Portland, Oregon

Ordering marijuana seeds in Portland is allowed but you cannot find a lot of options. The best place to order marijuana seeds from if you talk about quality and variety is online. We are a seed company based in Canada and we offer high quality marijuana seeds for sale in our website with shipping to Portland and other cities in Oregon.

Portland is one of the cities in the USA which allowed the legalization of marijuana. Under this approval, recreational sales, as well as consumption of marijuana are legal for people who are 21 years old or older. However, this law will only take effect on July 1, 2015.

The law also states that an adult 21 years or older can possess up to 1 ounce of pot, or about 28 grams, for their personal use. They can also have up to 8 ounces in their home, as well as up to four plants. While waiting for the law to take effect, people can grow their own marijuana.

Why grow your own marijuana in plants in Portland?

Buying marijuana from a local supplier can be costly and sometimes your source might run out of supply leaving you with nothing to use when you need it most. Growing your own marijuana plants can make you save money in the long run and you will have a full access to quality that you are sure of. Never will run out of marijuana buds again, ever if you grow your own.

Order marijuana seeds from us and we will ship your order right to your doorsteps in Portland. We offer discreet packaging to all orders coming to the USA because of your borders. Although rare, 10% of orders are seized in your borders. However, you can protect your order buy choosing $30 for shipping. It comes with a tracking # and an insurance. We will reship if your order gets seized.

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