Marijuana Seeds for Sale for Rhode Island

In the state of Rhode Island, sale, possession, as well as manufacture of marijuana is highly regulated by law. As a matter of fact, marijuana is considered as Schedule I substance, meaning that it has a very high potential of abuse. Even though it is considered under this category, the law of the state allows the use of medical marijuana under very limited circumstances.

Intentional possession of marijuana in the state of Rhode Island comes with penalties between $200 and $500, up to a year jail time, or even both. The penalties may also increase for the succeeding violations.

If you want to grow your own marijuana plants discreetly in Rhode Island then you can save a lot of money in the long run because you don’t need to buy from your local suppliers again and again. Aside from that, you also have an unlimited source of high quality marijuana buds that you have a full control of.

Where to order marijuana seeds in Rhode Island?

You can order marijuana seeds in our website and we will ship your order right to your doorsteps in the soonest time possible. We are your best option when buying marijuana seeds for Rhode Island because we are in Canada – the most trusted country in the world thus USA borders won’t check mails and packages coming from our country that much so you have a higher delivery success rate chance with us.

How discreet is your marijuana packaging?

The seeds will be shipped inside discreet packaging like tampon, sex toy, wallet, etc. We have been shipping to Rhode Island for quite some time now with 90% success rate of delivery. Yes, 10% get seized but you can protect your money by going for the express shipping that comes with a tracking number and insurance.

What is the shipping time if I order marijuana seeds now?

Shipping time differs depending on your address and the shipping option that you will use. Usually, it takes up to 28 days if you choose $10 for shipping and 7 – 14 days if you choose $30 for shipping that comes with a tracking number and insurance.

If you want to learn more about our company and the marijuana seeds that we have for sale, please contact us now. We are open 24/7 with phone, live website chat and email.

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