Mail Order Marijuana Seeds for Sale with Delivery to Utah

Marijuana is still not legal in Utah but many people are already growing their own medical marijuana plants discreetly. People are actually starting to understand how helpful marijuana is. The proof can be seen in many states which are already legalizing medical marijuana.

If you are in Utah and you use medical marijuana, you should know how costly it is to buy marijuana buds from suppliers. Gone were the days when you had to buy from marijuana suppliers that carry low quality marijuana buds which they overpriced. You can actually ditch your supplier or people that you don’t trust by growing your own medical marijuana in the comforts of your home.

Order marijuana seeds from Canada with delivery to Utah

We are a Canada-based marijuana seed company which is already sold in over 140 stores in Canada. We offer discreet shipping of our high quality cannabis seeds to Utah and other parts in the USA. We have a 90% success rate of delivery because we are in Canada plus our shipping methods are very discreet.

Is it legal to order marijuana seeds online?

There is no country that owns the internet that’s why you can order anything online. Although rare, 10% of seeds are seized in USA borders because importing of agricultural products is not allowed. You don’t have to worry about it though because nobody cares about a few seeds in the mail and nobody will notice that they are cannabis.

If you choose $30 for shipping (with tracking # and insurance) then we will reship your seeds for free if it gets seized so it’s actually a win situation if you order form us.

Is it safe to order marijuana seeds from Crop King Seeds?

Yes it is safe and secure. No mention of seeds or seed company in the packaging and in your bank statement. Just a random company not related to seeds.

If you have any questions about ordering marijuana seeds in Utah, please contact us now. We are open 24/7.

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