How is Juicing Cannabis Done?

juicing cannabis

Vegetable juice has taken worldwide attention because of the health benefits. But have you ever heard of juicing Cannabis? You may want to know if it also provides nutrients to your body.

It’s even considered a miracle based on the recipe hatched by Dr. Courtney. The study was made before coming up with this juice. You may find it peculiar but it’s safe. However, experts still need to study further about his health benefits.

Cannabis juice is made from leaves, buds, branches, and stems. It has the potential to alleviate the symptoms of some ailments. The preparation is easy and you can do it in your kitchen.

The Health Benefits of Juicing Cannabis

Some studies show that smoking or vaporizing Cannabis is a way of getting medicinal therapy. But juicing Cannabis is a way of preventing health issues before you feel the symptoms. Those who have experienced the wonders of this plant call it ‘the most substantial vegetable in the planet’.

Although more studies are needed, the plant shows promising abilities to counter inflammation. It can also improve neural function and bone metabolism and it has anti-inflammatory properties too.

Dr. William Courtney, a specialist on raw Cannabis and promoter of its healing powers said that everyone should grab the chance to consume it raw. You don’t want to miss the 99% benefits that you can get from this plant.

The main cannabinoids of Cannabis plants are THC and CBD and they are the provider of the benefits. THC comes from THCA after the decarboxylation process then it releases its psychoactive effects. But it’s not necessary as the body can receive 10 mg at a time as THC acts like the natural CB1 receptor.

Based on Dr. Courtney’s statement, weed with no heat can give you 500 to 600 mg of dietary supplement. The hundreds of THCA and CBDA pump up the levels of antioxidants and neuroprotective levels. The difference is detected by hundreds so it’s now clear how using the plant as a dietary supplement can be more intense than traditional medical marijuana. It’s preventive rather than just curing.

FDA has approved CBD as an investigative drug in 600 mg per day. The medical potential of Cannabis can be taken out from Cannabis juice as it can produce the required amount. Most strains have barely 1% of CBD so it would need a lot of collection to complete the required dosage. You can’t just do it by smoking in a single day.

With hundreds of beneficial cannabinoids in Cannabis plants and only a few of them were named like CBD, THC, CBG, and CBN. Ample amounts of terpenes, magnesium, protein, flavonoids, and alkaloids are also found. Chlorophyll is also available in fresh Cannabis. There are numerous benefits like:







Prevention of molecule oxidation

Improve appetite, digestion, and metabolism

Helps to heal scar

Oxygenation of blood

Supplier of Vitamin C, E, and A

Boosts immune system

The presence of chlorophyll gives you the following benefits:

Lowering triglyceride and cholesterol

Assist to the healing of an ulcer

Improve memory

Make the glucose level balanced

Fight fungi and bacteria

Better calcium absorption

Working with Nerve Cells: Two Way Communication Science of Juicing Cannabis

Inflammation occurs from a single route to the nerve cells. When it happens, all the immune cells drown in the attack and they can’t tell the nerves to settle down as there’s no way for them to communicate. But the result of the study enlightened the researchers. Two-way communication happens when cannabinoids are present.

This two-way communication is established by the cannabinoids to prevent inflammation. Endocannabinoids are naturally found in the body and they can connect to different receptors. They can work together to regulate nerve, bone, and immune functions.

Endocannabinoids are also considered a modulator to make these systems function well. The number of cannabinoids you can find in raw Cannabis can fix impaired endocannabinoids. The function will be in an optimum state so health issues are also alleviated.

Juicing Cannabis Recipe

This recipe is good for one serving and it would only take 10 minutes to make. These are the ingredients:

5 to 10 pieces of marijuana fan leaves

5 to 10 pieces of marijuana sugar leaves

A piece of marijuana bud around 2” to 4” big

2 to 4 leaves of dinosaur kale

2 to 3 stalks of celery

Half of an apple, a cucumber, and lime

Quick Steps:

  1. Whip all of the ingredients your juicer.
  2. You can drink it bottoms up as a breakfast drink. But you can split it into three servings so you can have it every meal. When drinking water, you have to store it in an airtight container then put it inside the fridge. You are free to add other vegetables and fruits.

How Juicing Cannabis Should be Done

Since you are now aware of the heap of benefits from juicing Cannabis, you should get started to integrate it into your meals or diet. But it’s not done haphazardly. You have to know the essential things for you to surely get all the benefits.

The raw Cannabis should be freshly picked from plants that have been cultivated well. You need to be more cautious by making sure that you will use ingredients free from any pesticides and contaminants to make the Cannabis juice. The following things are also very important:

  1. Just like vegetables, fresher is better when juicing Cannabis.
  1. Cured and dried weed for smoking or vaping is not suitable for making the juice.
  1. You may be disappointed if the local dispensary can’t provide fresh weed. Dried ones have a longer shelf life so it’s for safekeeping. Most caregivers and medical marijuana patients plant their Cannabis plants. It is done for them to ensure that they get the best quality. You can also follow what they do as growing your weed is common these days.
  1. The recommendation of Dr. Courtney is to juice 15 leaves and 2 buds in a day. They all should be raw.
  1. See to it that the raw buds have clear trichomes rather than with amber color.
  1. If you want to eliminate the bitterness of Cannabis, it’s fine to add some vegetables to your juice. The common practice is adding Cannabis to carrot juice. The measurement is based on Cannabis to carrot ratio of 1:10.
  1. You can make it in the morning and divide it into three servings. So you can drink it every meal. Storing should be in tight containers to be placed in the fridge.
  1. Cannabis juice will remain in a good state for 3 days. So make sure you whip the amount that is consumable for 3 days.
  2. Put the buds and the leaves in a blender then add a bit of water. The desired texture is dense but it should appear liquidy. When it’s too dense, you can add more water.
  3. Those who are struggling with kidney and gallbladder issues and taking anticoagulants should not drink Cannabis juice.

Juicing Up the Summary

Juicing Cannabis is like making vegetable juice. You have to make sure your ingredients are fresh and safe so you should look for high-quality ones. It is great as a dietary supplement and like green veggies, it can provide tons of health benefits although more studies are needed for confirmation.

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