How to Make Bubble Hash: Guide for First-timers

how to make bubble hash

Whether a connoisseur or a mere beginner, the knowledge about other forms of marijuana is not limited to joints, blunts, some type of edibles, drinks, and essentials, though resources are in a restricted zone, users can’t help but reinvent ways of consumption. How to make Bubble Hash is one of the initiated innovations made by aspiring weed enthusiasts.

But as recalled, due to being a measly newbie, the information about bubble hash is still in-depth, and no one at such level can synthesize it. Luckily, experts are pouring out their expertise into something usable with an excessive load of findings and alternatives. After all, the aim is to serve people in the field of unfamiliarity and change their perception.

As a solution, we conducted a profound exploration of the world of bubble hash users and patched up the missing answers to every first-timer’s questions. In this article, we will be happily enlightening you with terms and definitions, and how to’s and other tips you will need for future purposes.

A Wider Comprehension of Bubble Hash

It’s not uncommon to us, users and non-users, that cannabis does not only have one way of ingestion because as things advance, so does its mode of consumption. So far, we know more than a hundred, but some have only tried a couple of versions because of a rising heated argument about its legalization. Nonetheless, it won’t hurt to understand and master some of those.

Analogous to dabbing marijuana, bubble hash will also need a cannabis concentrate to fulfill its aim and function. Cannabis concentrate out of ice water has to be the sole difference it yields from another extraction process. In figuring out what bubble has looked like, it would be best to bear in mind that it has a dark brown color and has a somewhat-solid texture. Knowing the appearance would be a huge nod from specialists since some extraction might look the same.

Extracting some of a weed’s active constituent will result in bubble hash. Some of the components are trichomes and are firmly packed to marijuana’s flower buds. As the name suggests, Bubble Hash had its contracted name due to the formation of bubbles that occurs when the Hash is smoked on its full melt stance.

But, others are suggesting that the name came from the extraction process it came from, which is called “bubble bags”. The extraction courses permit the production industry to flush out raw materials of cannabis without sacrificing some of the remarkable active ingredients, all while using a simple freezing method that involves ice water. Nonetheless, Bubble Hash’s name doesn’t have to do anything with its potency because the place of derivation is what’s behind it.

Differentiating Bubble Hash and the Traditional Hash

One of the most common misconceptions about Bubble Hash is the claim that it’s entirely the same as Traditional Hash. Unfortunately, they aren’t. Traditional Hash is an outcome of naturally-occurring resins from cannabis plants. Unlike the whole weed, the traditional Hash has a maximum of 50% of THC.

On the other hand, Bubble Hash is a developed concentrate from the roots of Traditional Hash. Hence, making it far better than the usual. Not like the traditional bubble hash’s THC can range from 20 to 60%. Also, the way of extracting Bubble Hash comprises ice water to acquire the whole ingredients of cannabis fully.

Regardless, both are susceptible to dependence and abuse. Thus, making connoisseurs warn people with weak hearts to go slow in trying cannabis concentrates. For a trusted reference, one-third of a gram is usually the standard option for users, with or without experience. Despite having smaller portions, the suggested gram is enough to produce a powerful impact.

Various types of Bubble Hash

Before anything else, you should know that Bubble Hash is not available only in one form because there are three types of Bubble Hash that you might experience. You could also buy a ready to ingest one in markets. Either way, you will still end up being high, though some might not produce the expected level of cannabinoids such as THC.

  • Trimmed Buds

Trimmed buds are usually the leftovers of harvesting periods. Though getting one, if you’re a grower, might be a power move to put in good use, the quality isn’t that excellent. But, it can still put you under intoxicating potency.

  • Processed Buds

Extracting Bubble Hash from processed buds is highly advisable due to the high level of trichome’s concentration, an ingredient that is vital in making Hash. Because of that, you will have to ensure that the whole plant, not only the buds, will get the best result before it’s up to harvest. Whatever quality and property will come out will affect the extracted concentration.

  • Considering the sizes of Micron Screens

Unlike the first two types of Bubble Hash, micron screens will require you to separate the raw material from the trichomes. In this case, it would be preferable to have a smaller micron screen to filter the unwanted material out of the desired level of trichomes.

How to Make Bubble Hash?

If you think that you’re knowledgeable enough to proceed with the “how to”, to make bubble hash, you can now enlist some of the materials that will bring you to a considerably excellent result. The following necessities are:

  • Bucket (one to five gallons)
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Bubble bag (try some alternatives like screen filters)
  • Cannabis buds
  • Mixing tool (a spoon would be fine)

Should you have any substitute to replace, you can do that before continuing with the steps. Once you’re all settled, you may now follow the following methods on how to make bubble hash.

  • Fill the bucket by placing the bubble bag (or filters) in a layered manner into it, starting from the smallest to the largest. 
  • After laying up the bubble bag (or filters), pour ice-cold water (by placing the ice in the water) in the bucket.
  • Do not overload the bucket. Filling the container half-way is fine. 
  • Add the cannabis buds and some ice, until the bucket is full. 
  • Once having a mixture, grab a mixing tool, large enough to stir the contents of the bucket.
  • During the stirring process, the ice will inevitably melt, so you might keep some ice for additional placement. 
  • Stir for approximately 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes of stirring, strain the moist from each bubble bag (or filters) and repeat the same process until each layer underwent the said course of the method. 
  • By turning the bubble bag inside out, a concentrate of trichomes will appear and collect as much as possible by executing a light press to keep the moisture out.
  • Your Bubble Hash is then ready to use.


Once passing the steps on how to make bubble hash, you might face some failures along the way, which will be a cause of learning to be a professional in the field. The trick on making a successful bubble hash is always to keep things cold and have a high-quality bud.

As recalled, the healthier the cannabis plant, the better the concentrates. Also, the process of making bubble hash solely relies on cold water. Without the underlying presence of the two most important factors, the procedure will simply go downhill. So, always start with what’s necessary rather than what’s replaceable.

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