Learn How to Get a Medical Cannabis Card Online

how to get a medical cannabis card online

If you happen to read this, perhaps you are considering applying for a medical cannabis card online at the initial time. And maybe your health card is roughly to expire, or you even want a renewal. Of course, you don’t expect to end up spending half of your day (or more) on a renewal or application process. So, this blog is for you to learn how to get a medical cannabis card online.

There’s probably a fast and simple way to get a card, depending on your residency. When it comes to a patient applying for medicinal Cannabis, most states put the burden of accountability on the medical professionals. Also, evaluation clinics operate in every state with active MMJ systems (some are accessible online). You can qualify and acquire your pass in as fast as fifteen minutes, depending on your residency.

California: Availability of Marijuana Card

California is known to be the ‘world’s marijuana city,’ takes a lenient, medicinal cannabis approval approach. It is due to the 1996 Prop 215 bill. In short, if you are residing in California, then you need to receive a medical card rapidly, you’re in good fortune. Usually, you can get a medical marijuana pass from a doctor online, in just an hour.

What is Prop 215, and how it expedite the process?

California adopted a program that is quite dissimilar from that of most states. Medical marijuana turns out to be legal in California in 1996, with the passage of Proposition 215. This legislation allowed patients to have and grow their medicinal products for private use. The patient will, of course, have a referral from a doctor.

The law granted physicians the freedom to release medical cannabis endorsements grounded on what several people want to label a ‘420 test.’ While California has taken a big step in the accurate direction by loosening restrictions on medicinal marijuana (precisely by setting up the program in California intended for Medical Marijuana), the fact that the initiative does not displace federal law, which still classifies cannabis plant as an Agenda one substance, should be emphasized.

What changes in the process are we going to see?

After 1996 (with the development of the internet), it has become much easier to get a medical cannabis card. Many physicians and doctors are now utilizing telehealth services allowing you to receive your medical cannabis card online. In short, you do not need to think about where to get your medical Cannabis card – just go online, get a 420 test online then get your Cannabis card. Now you know how you can get a medical cannabis card online, time for you to check out the top medicinal Cannabis card providers, and what state they are offering their services in.

1. WayofLeaf Services

WayofLeaf was created with a single thing to focus on – offering a convenient and safe path for suffering patients to seek medical marijuana care. We recognize the true paybacks of the most advantageous plant in existence, and we aim to aid our readers in navigating the sometimes frustrating process of obtaining a medical Cannabis card as well as becoming a patient with the MMJ.

Not only does our website provide our customers with the regular cut as well as dry details. We made the additional step to help link our customers with the best-licensed doctors who will be able to support you in the process. Some of these physicians will make recommendations on medical marijuana and have clients and patients on their road the same day. They are legal, board-certified physicians for Cannabis as well as service providers that have gone through extensive processes of vetting as well as approval.

Four Simple and Quick Steps:

  • Registration process

The first move is to fill out the thirty–second form at the uppermost part of this website. We have to get basic information so that we can get you over the exact process. All given information is confidential and safe at one-hundred percent.

  • Contact your local card services

If you are residing in a county-state with an online service (like California City, City of New York, and some others), we automatically set your appointment with a physician for a medical examination fitted for your medical needs. If you are living in a county-state without an online service, we will communicate with you through email to clarify the exact procedure.

  • Assessment with the Doctor

This method is quick and usually takes about 15-20 minutes. You can accomplish this online (some also give video assessments) or you will have to go to the clinic and have a resident physical examination, reliant on your county-state.

  • Getting Medical Endorsement

Depending on the outcome of your review, you will get a prescription for medical marijuana. In most situations, you will receive your recommendation by email immediately. In some instances, if necessary, an actual copy is delivered the same day. Besides, if you receive your doctor’s endorsement by one of the 420 doctors recommended by WayofLeaf, you will get exclusive offers and coupons straight to your electronic mail.

2. NuggMD Card for Marijuana

NuggMD levels at the uppermost of our checklist because they are one of the best in the industry in its service, operation, as well as the overall experience. When you ask yourself where to have a medical Cannabis card quickly, you have come to the right place. 

Few people know that NuggMD has been here operating for a long time – to be precise since 2008. For California alone, their clientele record includes over 150,000 patients with Cannabis. They also serve in Nevada, New York, as well as Oklahoma. The procedure is really simple and is accessible online at a 100 percent level.

NuggMD’s quick card process:

  1. Next, you will sign up and upload your medical records on the website of NuggMD.
  2. You can arrange an appointment with a physician once you have signed in to their program. It takes about 15 minutes to complete (most consultations take place on the exact day).
  3. When the doctor certifies you, you will get to receive a medical report. You get the original Cannabis I.D. card soon after (this is to be expected as fast as three business days)

3. GetHeally

If you are residing in southern California, you may be curious about where to obtain a medical cannabis card, then GetHeally is your best choice. One factor that shocked us was the business’ customer support – a chatbox instantly jumped up after signing and filing out their website’s forms, and one of their members assisted us with the whole procedure.

We were clarified that the online phase of the medical cannabis card is incredibly easy to accomplish, and should only take 23 minutes – including the assessment. Whether you are residing at San Mateo or even Los Angeles, in-person care is also given through Heally Connect. Once more, this is an online service of 100 percent; also, there aren’t hidden costs behind. GetHeally is known to be HIPPA-compliant, as well as both physicians are accredited in California.

GetHeally’s quick card process:

  1. Register on their official website, and run through a three-phase procedure. If you are lost, a representative will be there to help and guide you to the procedure. 
  2. You will then have a session with a specialist in Heally. If you got any specific issues or need guidance, this is a perfect time to inquire – they are certainly supportive and informative.
  3. You will obtain a medical Marijuana card online on the same day if approved. The tangible I.D. card should be forwarded to you in a few business days.

4. Veriheal Online Endorsements.

Veriheal is known to be the single online recommendation service for medical marijuana that we know is making labors to enlarge its health services to citizens of diverse U.S. states. Also, NuggMD – which was by far the most renowned online medical Cannabis assessment service online – currently only assists MMJ candidates in limited states.

Nevertheless, in Arizona, Washington D.C., California, Illinois, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Massachusetts, Montana, Oklahoma, New York, and Pennsylvania, Veriheal provides future medical cannabis guidelines (based on certain qualifications).

Veriheal’s quick card process:

  1. All you need to accomplish is visit the official website of Veriheal’s online marijuana endorsements, click the “Get Started” panel, and choose the county-state you reside in.
  2. After you choose your county-state, you will be questioned to complete an online sketch of Veriheal for some basic personal details (name, email address, DOB, etc.) You’ll be able to experience your teleconsultation by an accredited online Cannabis physician once you accomplish it.
  3. The recommendation process for Veriheal online medicinal Cannabis is absurdly fast as well as convenient – the doctor’s consultation takes about 17 minutes, at that point (mostly) they can tell you if you meet the requirements for medical marijuana in your county-state.

Is my medical condition qualified for medical marijuana use?

Learning the know-how of getting a medical card online should be done by now. With expected consultation from a certified medical professional, it is most certainly a pre-requisite to look and ask for the qualified medical conditions before applying for a card. Here below are the most qualified conditions approved for a medical cannabis card online:

  • Cancer
  • Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.)
  • Glaucoma
  • Neurodegenerative Disease
  • Pain
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


First and foremost, you have to know and understand the rules and regulations of your county-state you’re residing in. Though using medical marijuana is generally acceptable and permitted by most states, there are still states that aren’t supporting this movement, and some state has different ways of implementing rules and regulations.

After that, you also need to check if there are services available online; this makes the process a lot easier and faster. You can apply for a card and have a consultation at your convenience.

Lastly, also look for the qualified medical conditions in availing a medical Cannabis card online. The hampered and interrupted process usually annoys applicants. With the guidelines, this article generously provided your quest to applying for a medical Cannabis Card Online should be a walk in the park to you. Gear up, set up your Wifi, and apply online. May the odds always be in your favor.

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