Tips on How to Dry Weed Successfully

how to dry weed

So you have now successfully grown your cannabis garden, and harvest is near. Congratulations on doing a good job. But the process of cannabis cultivation does not end in when you harvest your crop. After harvesting the weed, that next thing to do is to dry them.

Do you know how to dry weed? Why is it important to dry weed? The drying of the harvested cannabis plant is important for you to use your products. Drying the weed should come after harvest.

If you are a beginner growing and harvest is near, you may want to read this article as we give important information and tips on how to dry weed right after harvest.

What is drying?

Drying is a method of that dries freshly harvested cannabis plant. Drying is important to get rid of the moisture from the plant so that it can be smoked or vaporized.

Tips and information on how to dry weed

Harvest time is here, and you are more than excited to finally get the fruits of your labor. But before you get too excited, know that upon harvest, the cannabis plant should be dried right away for it to be used. You cannot use a freshly harvested cannabis plant. They need to be dried. Here are some important information and tips on how to dry weed:

  • Start by harvesting and trimming. When harvest time is near, you can start the process of drying. The first thing to do is to trim the leaves and the flowers. You will have the buds, and this speeds up the drying process. You can use a drying rack where you can place the buds. Carefully trim off the leaves from the buds. If you have lots to trim, you can invest in a trimming machine to make things easier for you.
  • The next step is to hang the buds in a dark room. After trimming the buds, you can place them in a dark room. Make sure that there is no presence of light. The room temperature should be between 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 degrees Fahrenheit with humid levels at about 45%-55%. To maintain the humidity in the room, you can use a dehumidifier and an air conditioner to maintain the temperature in the room. Keep a good airflow by using a small electric fan. Leave the weed to dry for about 5-15 days.
  • Monitor if the weed is dry. Check them daily and carefully look for signs of any molds. It is important to not over dry your weed. Whenever you rotate your buds, rotate them as well just to make sure that they are drying evenly. Carefully handle them by stem. Touch the weed to check if it dry. The flowers should be crispy and the branches if the weed is already dry.

As you can see, the traditional way of drying weed takes time. Because of this, master cannabis cultivators have found ways to expedite the process. Here are the fastest ways to dry weed:

  • Hang the weed. Hang your harvested bud (upside down) in a heated room. The room temperature should be about 92 degrees Fahrenheit. Check your weed daily and check for any changes like temperature, for example, and make necessary adjustments if needed.
  • Drying with the microwave. This will work if you have a small amount of weed that you need to dry. To do this, you have to set the microwave to 50% power and then put the marijuana inside. Turn it every 15 seconds and allow it to cool for a minute. Keep doing it until it dries.
  • Use an electric or gas – power heater. This is ideal for drying a large amount of cannabis. In this process, you have to make sure that the room is well ventilated. Make sure that buds are not sitting in too close together because this may cause molds. Make sure to monitor the drying process because you may over-dry your weed; thus, it will bring about a harsh flavored weed.
  • Bake Buds. This process is also known as decarboxylation. This is probably the fastest way of drying the weed. You will need to use an oven tray. Put the harvested buds on the tray and then bake them at about 125 and 140 degrees. Flip them after 5 minutes and then place them back to the oven. Baking the buds is a great method because it will not affect the potency of the buds.
  • Sun Dry Method. This method involves drying the weed in the sun. This is considered one of the best method, but it may not be the fastest like the others. You need to place your weed on a brown bag to remove the humid. This is perfect for warm climates. It should be ready after 2 days.

What are the benefits of drying your weed?

Regardless of what method you use in drying your weed, whether it was the fast method or the traditional method, it will still bring about the same benefits. If you patiently dry your weed, it can take away any harsh taste and eliminate tendencies of cough and headaches after smoking the weed. Here are the benefits of properly dried cannabis buds:

  • It brings about the distinct aroma of the weed.
  • It helps break down chlorophyll, and it improves the texture of the buds.
  • A perfectly dried cannabis brings out the potency of the weed.
  • Correctly dried cannabis reduces the risk of the unpleasant experience of paranoia and anxiety.
  • A correct drying process eliminates any unpleasant grassy smell, which is a trademark of newly harvested marijuana.


Knowing how to dry weed has its many benefits. Do not get overwhelmed by the rewarding feeling when you harvest your weed as you have to patiently and carefully get into the drying process. You may have a big harvest, but drying will determine the quality of your harvest, and that is very important. So now you know that your cultivating journey does not end with harvesting your cannabis plants, you need to dry them to bring out the best in them.

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