How to Clone Cannabis: Growers’ Bible

how to clone cannabis

You may be surprised that you stumbled with this topic, but this is actually true, cannabis can indeed be cloned. This might sound very Frankenstein level, but it’s not that easy. In fact, there are many benefits that can be very useful for you and also an additional knowledge on your part. Be sure to read in order for you to know how to clone cannabis, whether indoors or outdoors.

What is the purpose of cloning?

There are exactly two methods that you can clone and reproduce the same cannabis plant or strain if you want to be specific. The first method to reproduce a cannabis strain is seeding them; you have to sex the plant and leaving them be to grow and mature. After you have gathered the seeds, you can use them to plant them again, and you will basically have the same strain of cannabis. This is one of the simplest ways that we can think of and literally easy to repetitively conduct.

You may also try cloning the plant; cloning is already known as asexual duplication or breeding. Basically, what is being done is selecting a specific strain to be the mother plant.

Once a mother plant is selected, you can easily create copies of the plant without any slight change in the composition of the plant itself, whether chemically or physically. Since the genes of the plant are all the same from the mother, the main characteristics such as taste, color, size, potency, and other aspects of cultivation are all the same. In this way, you will have a consistent strain and a consistent harvest.

One of the benefits of cloning is consistency; you literally do not have to change anything on the way the plant is cultivated. Which means you can grow this baby even when your eyes are closed. Since you do not have to spend time in adjustments and observation for the same strain, you will have a lot of time on your hands to do something more. Exercise perhaps?

How to Clone Cannabis?

Cloning the marijuana plant is not an impossible task; you just have to carefully follow the steps and use the correct equipment listed below:

  • Garden scissors
  • Razorblade
  • Rooting containers
  • Hormones for rooting ( which you can purchase online or in gardens)

Medium and Setup Selection

The common or widely used rooting platforms are rockwool and rooting cubes or hydroponics such as foam and peat. Rockwool has the same characteristics as steel wool; the only difference is that it’s made up of melted rock that is fused to a very thin thread, which provides ample ventilation, and it can hold water and moisture very well. You can easily source these online for a good combo price, or you visit your local grow shops.

You may also use a convenient solution, such as an auto-cloner device. This will basically make your life easier; this device will take care of all caring, nurturing, and feeding of the plant that is being cloned. These devices automatically spray the needed water for your plants at the specific time of your choosing. These are a huge investment because they cost a lot more than the conventional setups, but this will provide you great and consistent results.

Selecting the Mother Plant

The important thing that you have to remember when selecting the mother plant is choosing the best plant or strain, which is healthy and robust. You have to select the mother plant after the 2nd month of the vegetation phase. You must never pick a mother plant that is already in the flowering phase because it will just die out during the whole process of cloning.

Here is a guide in cutting:

  1. When you are in the process of cutting, you have to make sure that you do not put any fertilizer on the mother plant for a couple of days. This is imperative because what we need to happen is to allow the natural nitrogen of the plant to be transferred to the leaves. When nitrogen is present on your cuttings, this will actually manipulate the plant to stay in the vegetation phase and not convert into rooting. 
  2. You have to make sure that you have a sanitized environment and make use of sterile tools and always wear sterile gloves. This will prevent any contamination that may cause your clones to catch any disease. 
  3. Once you have your secure environment, you have to select the best and strongest stalk, stem, or branch. The general rule is that the stronger the branch, the more sturdy the plant will end up.
  4. Cut the selected clone of the mother plant. It’s best to use a razor so that you may have better control and stability; however, if you are well skilled in using the scissors, it will also turn out good. Cut above the plant node and make sure you have a very clean and precise cut.
  5. Afterward, you may now use the razor and cut the bottom part of the fresh-cut subject at a precise 45-degree angle. This will allow the clone to have a better and larger rooting space, which will speed up the rooting process and growth.
  6. Once the cutting is done, immediately dip your cuttings to the rooting hormone and contain them to your auto-cloning device or cube.

Rehoming the roots

Once you are done in the cutting stage, you have to carefully and religiously observe the clones; you have to make sure that they have the suitable temperature, humidity, and water supply. If one clone does not survive, you have to discard it immediately to eliminate any chances of disease and mold on the healthy clones. This will also provide an extra breathing room for the thriving clones.

Usually, the clones will only take up to 11 to 15 days in order for them to be ready and moved to the soil. However, this always depends on the type of strain that you are trying to clone. The best indication that the plant is ready to be moved to the soil is that if the roots already have grown into one or two inches.


That is the basic step on how to clone cannabis. It is very easy to do and very cost-effective too. This will give you the convenience of not doing all the hard labor of conventional growing. Although this seems scary and nerve-wracking at first, this is a very skill that you should acquire and master.

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