How Much THC Oil to Get High: Experts Answered

how much thc oil to get high

Cannabis comes in different shapes and sizes with the common objective of getting high. With the continuous progression of its legalization, people have extended their forms to creams, lotions, food, drinks, medicine, and even oils. These cannabis forms work differently in delivering its effects but one of the most popular in delivering recreational relief is the THC oil. There is more to marijuana than just bluntly smoking and vaping.

Information is very powerful that you have to understand tetrahydrocannabinol, precautionary measures to take when consuming, its common uses, and as well as the amount of THC oil suggested. Whether if you’re a newbie or a professional in consuming THC oil, this article is one of the must-reads to further improve your experience. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with knowing more, right? 

Understanding Tetrahydrocannabinol

Two fundamental compounds can be found in cannabis. These are the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and cannabidiol or CBD. They work differently but these two are responsible for delivering the medical and recreational benefits found in cannabis. The human body is built with cannabinoid receptors that interact with THC and CBD. They are the ones allowing them to perform the effects of marijuana. These cannabinoid receptors are also responsible for demanding a lower or higher dose to be consumed.

Tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive compound that will deliver the high effects that people are seeking for. Compared to CBD, this is the type of compound that caters to the needs of recreational users. As the primary agent for the buzz effects, THC is associated with the effects similar to anandamide, and 2-AG induces delivering effects that help in modulating eating habits, sleeping patterns, tolerance for pain, and other functions of the body. This includes fatigue, relaxation, hunger, aggression, and a heightened sense of smell, sight, and hearing. 

Taking Precautions When Consuming THC Oil 

Just like consuming other forms of THC, consumption of oil requires precautionary measures too. Not because the on-set effects are not as powerful as smoking or vaping doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no risks accustomed to overconsuming it. As much as possible, practice consuming THC oil responsibly and not out of aggression. This will only lure you to continuously increase your consumption and can result in addiction and dependence. 

Manage the Doses 

When THC is consumed, the cannabinoid receptors are responsible for absorbing them and allowing them to take effect. Your body becomes immune to the effects of THC that’s why it requires you to continuously increase your dose. This is why we highly suggest to schedule consumption in managed doses. This is one way of creating a pattern. You can try scheduling consumption three times a week so that you have four days to restore the health and functionality of these cannabinoid receptors. 

Try Different Methods 

There are three methods of consuming THC oil. They can be used as capsules, oral consumption, and added to food and drinks. Considering that it doesn’t work just as well as smoking or vaping, it takes time to digest using these three methods. As much s possible, do not consume more if you think the buzz is not kicking in because the average time for the THC to be in and be absorbed by your body ranges from one to two hours. A little patience wouldn’t hurt you. 

Look for Different Strains

If you’re committed to consuming THC oils, check out strains that have low to average levels of THC. You can also lookup CBD-rich oils. They still deliver the buzzing high that you’re looking for in cannabis oils just not as much as the ones THC can offer. This is one way of managing your doses too without completely quitting consuming THC. Besides, with THC, you’re seeking for the recreational effects it can offer. CBD-rich oils can offer it too but not as much. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. It’s good for your health and it delivers the luring buzz comparable to THC compounds. 

The Common Uses of THC Oil 

If you’re the type of person who easily gets bored with the same method of consumption of marijuana, this section will help you try three popular methods in consuming THC oil. These are very common that if you don’t have plans on making them, you can have them purchased directly from cannabis stores and dispensaries. Considering how oil can have that slimy texture when consumed, we fully understand the need for other options. Check out these three common uses of THC oil and ways on how they are consumed. 


Instead of drinking THC oils alone, most prefer to consume the ones in capsules. Apart from preventing to taste the blunt and slimy texture of oil. The appearance is similar to virgin coconut oil injected in gel capsules. They are soft, oily, and effective. All you need to do is drink one capsule of THC oil together with plenty of water. The average time of digestion ranges from an hour to two hours before the effects take place. 

Food and Drinks 

If you want something with flavor and can be easily consumed, THC oils mixed with different food and drinks is highly suggested for you. It’s a good additive to your daily meals such as salads, portions of pasta, pastries, and even different viands. They are used just like ordinary oil for cooking but in low doses and cooked in low heat too to prevent the THC from being burnt. What makes the perfect pair for a THC oil-infused meal, is a luscious drink. Are you conscious about your health and are not fond of colored drinks? Well, you’re in luck because THC oils can be mixed with your daily protein shake to spice up your workout. Besides, more than just its recreational benefits, it works well with different health benefits too. 

Oral Consumption

Not a fan of cooking and taking gel capsules orally? The third option is the simplest way of consuming THC oil. All you need is a dropper and a bottle of THC oil. Squeeze in the dropper inside the bottle until you have your desired amount of THC to consume. Place it below your tongue right after and suck well. When there’s nothing left on the dropper, you can drink plenty of fluids to fasten the digestion of the THC oil. 

The Amount of THC Oil Needed to Get High 

There’s no dosage recommended reaching the high. Each person is entitled to experience different effects depending on their tolerance, age, sex, and consumption patterns. For beginners, we highly recommend starting consuming THC in low doses that you will gradually increase as you get a hold of how your body tolerates the substance. Purchase a THC oil that has low to mild THC levels preferably the ones with high amounts of CBD that outweigh the psychoactive effects accustomed to it.

Before purchasing, make sure to research different THC oil choices and compare their THC and CBD levels. Every bottle of THC oil comes with a syringe or a dropper that will help you in managing the amount consumed. There are marks on the syringe and dropper that often come in cubic centimeters or milliliters. Before consumption, make sure to carefully read the instructions and do not overdo the process. 


One of the frequently asked questions in cannabis communities is how much THC oil to get high. To practice responsible for cannabis consumption, you should know that there is no recommended dosage of THC oil. Getting high depends on your body’s tolerance to THC. The effects vary per person which makes it difficult to weigh in the suggested dosage. As much as possible, always start consuming in low doses to manage your tolerance. Starting with high doses considering your lack of experience will just outweigh the advantages marijuana can bring.

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