How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

how long does marijuana stay in your system

One of the main requirements when you finally get employed after your agonizing interview is a medical exam, which includes mandatory drug testing. The employers and the company itself are requiring their employees to be clean of any usage or addiction of drugs that may implicate them and the workforce, which is why it is very important to them. So naturally, if you have used marijuana before and are still using it now, you might want to know how long does marijuana stays in your system? Then you might want to stay on reading this article in order for you to find out the facts regarding the issue or dilemma you are facing.

The main component that drug tests are aiming for is the THC compound naturally found in marijuana. THC is a compound that is responsible for the euphoric high once the smoked marijuana kicks in. The traces of marijuana can actually linger in the human system for days, weeks, for a couple of months, and even for a year. However, this is only depending on the type of test that is being conducted. So do not worry, we will try to give you as much information as you need before your upcoming tests take place.

The THC compound itself can only last three to four hours after it has been smoked or inhaled; this may also depend on how much cannabis is consumed. However, marijuana leaves traces by the term called THC metabolites, which stays in the system longer than the euphoric effects of the plant. This is why most of the marijuana users fail in drug tests due to the lack of knowledge.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System? 

As mentioned earlier, THC is the active ingredient that provides the euphoric high and all the psychological effects that recreational users are seeking. In this part, we will be defining the duration of marijuana in different parts of the body.

Duration of THC in the Blood

When it comes to drug tests, we are all accustomed to urine drug tests. However, some may require tests through the blood. To be completely honest, THC actually dissolved in the body in a rapid manner; however, it stays in the blood for seven days. However, for heavy marijuana users, the duration of the metabolites in the blood stays for a month.

Duration of THC in Saliva?

As ironic it can be, some tests can even be done with just checking traces of marijuana in saliva. The duration of THC traces in saliva can be expedited by frequent brushing of teeth and using alcohol-based mouthwash. Once marijuana has been used, the traces in the mouth usually take two to three days. But can be lessened by the methods above.

Duration of Marijuana in Urine?

The widely known type of drug test is the urine drug test, which is cost-effective, convenient, and easy of use. Although the urine test is most widely used, traces of marijuana in urine have the longest duration. It takes weeks before all the traces of marijuana are dissolved.

What affects the duration of marijuana in the system?

There are a lot of factors that affect the duration of marijuana. It may differ in terms of gender, age, and lifestyle. The consumption of cannabis may also dictate the duration of the traces of weed.

Below is the list of the main factors that may prolong or lessen the time of traces of marijuana:

Eating Habits

The way we eat will dictate our bodies and metabolism. Metabolism has a huge role in the depletion of marijuana traces in the human system. In order to fast forward the depletion of any traces, the metabolism must be improved by maintaining a regular eating cycle as well as eating food that may improve the metabolism. Caffeine and spicy food may improve metabolism.

Exercise and Physical Activity

The more physical activity and exercise that you conduct will improve the metabolism. Thus, it provides a huge possibility to fasten the depletion of THC and other cannabis compounds. Once the body is experiencing any physical activity, it will expel the cannabis traces through sweat.

However, exercising before doing a drug test is not advised because all the stored THC in the bloodstream and fat tissues are being released in order to be disposed of. 

Metabolic Rate

The metabolic rate differs from one person to another due to the difference in the genetic composition of every person and also their lifestyle. Thus, this only means that if the metabolism rate of the person is fast, the faster the THC to be dissolved, and if the metabolism is slow, the cannabis by-products last longer in the body.

Body Fat Percentage

The truth is, the by-products of cannabis are being stored in the fat tissues of the body. This means that if the fat tissues or cells are being burned through exercise and physical activity, the greater the chance of deleting the traces in your system. So the more body fat you have, the more space where the THC can be stored.

THC Potency Level of Marijuana

The more THC level the cannabis strain has, the longer the traces linger in the body. The potency of the strain means that there is a large concentration of THC, which is the culprit that hides in the bloodstream, which makes you positive in tests.


So before you conduct any tests, you have to make sure that you have this article. It is shocking to know that traces of cannabis can be found in major parts of the body, right? So, you have to make sure how long it lingers to the body and how it can be lessened or to make the deletion of the by-products faster.

In order for you to lessen the possibility of incurring too many stored THC traces in the body, you must also be mindful of your body fat content. Tracing your body fat content is also a good way for you to determine if you are healthy or not. We do hope we answered your question on how long does marijuana stay in your system.

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